Wednesday, October 18, 2017

10/18/2017 Spectacular Sunrise

This morning's sunrise was something special, even in the face of all the gorgeous Colorado sunrises I take in. 

The darkness at 6:40 this morning was punctuated by a red and purple clouded sky with one window opening in the center that glowed.

Seriously GLOWED

Apologies for all the "noise" in these. My phone is trying to help me in the dark whether I like it or not. 

By the time we arrived at the dog park, it was brightening up

You know it's nutballs over the top when every Denver media channel is collecting readers' photos.




Crunchy Leaves!

Yeah. I know. It's true. 

I go around for about a month every October calling out "crunchy leaves!" and NOBODY gets me.

It was from "Mr Potato Head Saves Veggie Valley" computer game that came out in 1995 and that Nick and then Sam played through the rest of the decade.

And at the start of the game, you click on a little pile of leaves outside their house before they leave for the fair and the little potato shouts "Crunchy Leaves! Can we keep 'em pop?"

and Mr. Potato Head says, "Of course! We certainly don't want to LEAVE them behind!"

and she scoops them up and puts them in her backpack. (We need them later in the game.)

So this morning, when I decided to title this post Crunchy Leaves! I thought, you know, I bet this is on YouTube. And, sure enough, YouTube did not let me down. Embedded to start right at the spot.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Zoe Visits

we have a visitor this week. Look closely on the porch.

still on the porch...

ah, finally Zoe decided to come out into the sunshine.

She's staying with us this week while Amber and family are in California for Fall Break. 

She is decidedly more laid back than Aidan and has refused walks in the evenings with Bob both days so far, but she was willing to get out with me this morning.

And this morning's skies did not disappoint. 


 and I did manage one photo with my companions

but even lightening it up, Zoe is almost all shadow. Black dogs are tough to capture!

Unlike spectacular sunrises. :)

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Daylight Wishing Time

As we walk in the dark and count down the days to the far too late end of daylight savings time . . .

While I crouched down to get a photo, Aidan crouched down to stare at a bunny. I snapped mine a second before he was in my shot.

I was trying to remember how long ago the saving time thing was pushed too far back (began our first fall in Colorado in 2007) and why and came across this opinion piece that made me smirk:

"There was something unsettling and creepily disproportionate about the idea that Congress couldn't muster the will to improve energy efficiency, so it voted to change time itself — but leave that aside."

As much as I love October, I find myself sometimes thinking, "C'mon Nov. 5." I'm so ready to get out and enjoy the sunrise and still have a bit of time before starting work after our walk. 

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday the 13th

Fun and short NPR piece from a few years ago on the Unlucky 13

I never quite understood why Friday linked with 13 was somehow worse than Monday the 13th, but apparently at the height of the superstition, Fridays were Hangman's Days for convicted criminals sent to the gallows, which, admittedly, would not be terribly lucky.

Anyway, our Friday the 13th is beautiful, crisp and clear, with frost on the grass and not a cloud in the sky.


Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Walking through the snow actually falling is its own fun, but the world around you is mostly gray. 

Walking through the snow on the crisp blue morning afterwards, is so much more delightful. 

The whole world glistens, millions of diamonds across the fields shining against the sunlight. 

The sound of the crunch under foot and the plop of snow falling from the trees to the ground are all around you. The birds are back out of hiding, flitting about the branches of mostly cleared trees. The air is more crisp than cold, exhilarating in the sunshine.

The blankets of untouched snow just call for you to childishly run through them, leaving footprints that will magically disappear before you return. 

Everything looks so brilliantly clean and radiant.

And it helps if your walking partner loves it just as much as you do.