Thursday, May 24, 2018
Wednesday, May 23, 2018


duck rolls!

these two are never walking in a straight line


(sporting Sam designed leggings and hoodie!)

In the evening, met up with Julie and Bob at the Pint's Pub just down the street from the Denver Art Museum for dinner. Julie is in from Orlando for a banking conference.

Please be aware that despite our corner pub ambiance, Pints is nationally famed for two world class features. We are brewers of authentic traditional British cask conditioned or "live" ales. These hand crafted, deep and complex "real" ales, served from the hand pumps, are rarely found in the U.S. You may view our cask cellar through the floor window on the east side of the pub. Additionally Exceptional, in fact Unique, is our offering of Single Malt Whisky. We are proud to be the purveyor of the World’s broadest selection of single malt whisky. So settle in with a pint, a wee dram or some pub grub, take note of our eclectic British music selection or chat with a neighbor.

The quote around the room: "There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern." (Samuel Johnson)
Monday, May 21, 2018


Good morning, Mr. Bun. You'd best be hopping on.
Some of the bunnies are getting downright brave. They let the boys get almost to them before dashing off.

Those three specks on the left are two blackbirds chasing off a hawk from their nest.

ducks are also fascinating

Mrs. Robin was quite proud of her breakfast catch. She rotated around as we passed showing off her earthworm

one guess what's up in the tree while I make breakfast in the kitchen

Friday, May 18, 2018

5/18/18 Rest of the Week in Photos (Squirrels Galore)

this guy is up above

and these guys are soooooo excited to see him. Look at Jake's tail. That's squirrel alert!

two very soft comfy dog beds taking up half my floor for apparently no reason

Our Ali's birthday was Tuesday, and Sam's old elementary school had an Alli with an extra "l" turning 9 on the same day. You can "rent" the rock to paint for your student, so we're always seeing different wishes as we pass by. 

there's a baby robin on the loose!

first rose of the season on its way

first iris of the bunch couldn't wait any longer

our nightly cuddle sessions get up close and personal, with one big pump of dogs

Big news at the playground near the dog park, they turned the fountain back on!

this morning's sunrise as the clouds rolled in. Tomorrow it's going to be rainy and not get out of the 40°s! Woo!

I also pulled all the rest of the week's zoom lens squirrel photos off the big camera today.


and the seamstress called, dress ready for pick-up! Got the dress short enough I can walk in it. Got the shoes. Got the wrap. Got jewelry from Ali for Mother's Day to match.

Next stop, Nick & Ali's wedding!