Friday, March 23, 2018

3/23/18 National Puppy Day

We've been setting the alarm back a few minutes each week to stay in synch with the early morning color (when there is any) but since it was Friday and National Puppy Day (full disclosure: without Facebook, I wouldn't have known about this excuse) we slept in just a bit and almost missed the big low cloud hanging out over the horizon just as we stepped onto the trail. It faded within 5 minutes.

And it was old home week at the doggie park. First we ran into Sadie's mom, who was introducing Brady, the 6 month old puppy to the park. She recently had to say goodbye to old man Reagan, who was the barker, while Sadie happily waggled around and chased balls. Brady seems to be taking Reagan's role. He's barking at Aidan while they run.

They headed out as more pups started showing up since she's trying to introduce him slowly and I warned her that the incoming pups were all very high energy together.

Ok, not these guys,

They are Louis the black standard poodle's siblings and tend to stand on my feet or near the gate to avoid the melle of the bigger dogs.

I love this one: Aidan trying to be the little choir boy. "Just LOOK at those ruffians, ma!"


But since he'd run lots with Brady and Sadie, he also pooped out fastest with Louis, Benson, and Leisl and decided the community hole was a good place to chill.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Spring Begins

the final day of winter, if you recall, dawned like this

but by 4:00 in the afternoon: 

I took this on 3/16:

and here they were 3/19!

Tuesday Morning, in the last of the snow

Wednesday Morning


3/20 need baby near the first bunch

lost one of the buds, with a second looking like it got chewed by Wed. :(

Thursday Morning:


 Hawks being camera shy

And, as always, Aidan.

Monday, March 19, 2018