Tuesday, August 22, 2017

the LuLaRoe thing

posted this last week, as the proud new convert, er, owner of my first pair of LuLaRoe leggings, thanks to Amber hosting an online shopping thingee.

How do I describe these things? They are so freakin' buttery soft, like that super smooth feeling right after you shave your legs and bathe them in shea butter lotion. And they fit really nicely with a thick yoga waistband and no elephant knees.

THEN, she had an in-person party hosted at her house Friday night. 

And I bought two more pair, one in black with more birds on them and a red pair with gold aspen leaves all over them. I'm imaging pairing them with a big black nubbly sweater and boots this fall. 

AND, I made the mistake of mingling back around the leggings area after I'd chosen those and spotted a pair of fuschia and electric blue, and was trying to talk myself out of not buying another pair when Amber pulled my name from the raffle jar for .  .  drum roll, a FREE pair of leggings!


Mammammy's trick of folding and then crinkling the paper paid off for once!

Now, the weird thing about LLR is that they make a ton of other styles, but NONE of them, not the t-shirts or the dresses or the kimonos, have quite the same fabric feel. (This is probably a really good thing, since I am only obsessed with this particular feel.) And all the ladies who are consultants can place orders for styles and sizes, but they have zero control over what prints show up in their orders. And LLR only creates a limited number from each print. So it becomes a bit of a unicorn hunt to find prints you really like from someone you know who carries the stuff. 

Some of these prints seem like LLR's designers must've grown up as teenagers in the 80s and hope to bring it back. The bright geometric stuff can get a little overwhelming. But, to each their own. Less stuff I'm tempted to buy.

So, curious about what other prints in the leggings were swimming around, I, naturally, hit up ebay just to have a look around. 

I only came away with one more pair. 

Because, honestly. 

Blue squirrels = INSTABUY for Tori.

(please ignore all the lovely cat hair on the shirt)

August Skies

Nothing terribly vivid, but pleasant light cloudy mornings...

Painted Rocks and Aidan

About a week before Aidan came into our lives, I had discovered the Highlands Ranch Rocks group. It's was just starting up and we painted some rocks the weekend prior to adopting A. and literally left them for others the find the day before. 

Guess who's was who's.

(One of my hiding spots under a gorilla's backside)

And then Aidan came into our lives and we kind of forgot all about the rock thing.

But it's started to catch on around here. This past week, we started to find some in our regular haunts. The first one wasn't from the HR group, but had travelled from Englewood to our walking path. So we posted Aidan and the rock on their page letting them know it had been found and would be rehidden the next day.

I decided to leave it on the playground. 

Then, later that week, we came across the first one found from our group in HR.  This little beauty was just waiting on us one morning at the dog park:

And a day or so later, we discovered someone had left a bunch around the playground nearby. 

Found on another trip to the dog park a couple of days after that...

On yesterday's walk, we came across this giant painted boulder at the elementary school!

The group writes "Keep, Leave, or Rehide" as well as the FB group so people can post where they discover them and/or rehide them. I'm guessing this isn't one of those. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

8/21/17 92% Totality Eclipse


My neighbor and his telescope joined the party

He said he wasn't able to get anything via camera.

As it turned out, I wasn't able to get focused. I don't know if the solar filter was part of the problem, but pushed manually to infinity focus, I still didn't get sharp images. 

here's the best in time lapse order:


and plenty of crescent shadow fun


And a dog who was quite confused as to why I kept coming in and out without him.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Circle of Life, Backyard Edition

Our normal afternoon backyard playtime was replaced today by something a little more grisly.

As I slid open the back door for Aidan, instead of creeping out slowly so as not to disturb bunnies in the yard, he bolted and I saw a very large set of wings rise from the grass and over the back fence.

He sat perched there, irritated.

Aidan took up guard, even though his little bunny friend no longer had a head.

And he wasn't moving. The hawk circled us, flying from the rooftop you saw above, overhead to our front tree, then around to the neighbor's roof. 


And after he flew out of sight. . .

He wouldn't come in until I went inside, got his leash, and led him away. 

Sunday, August 13, 2017

weekend update

Much less doings afoot this weekend than last. 

Wearing my new LuLaRoe leggings courtesy of Amber. You can't go wrong with birds and me. New ring from my weekend in Breckenridge. Also, with the new protein additions per Nick, my nails have yet to break, which is pretty weird. I'm constantly tapping them on things.


And there was a lot of this:

When it wasn't that:

And long walks

And long baths

And another fall sign

And what might just become a series: Aidan sniffing flowers.

prior sniffs: