Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Whiplash Weather

Jake's is getting more and more comfortable in his spot. This is Saturday afternoon. We started out the day with snow, which gave way to just clouds by the afternoon.

A few photos of sunset on my way back from the airport Saturday evening:

 downtown view from afar

 these geospheres are always the marker that we're getting close to I-70

Further south, you get a good view of Pike's Peak

Sunday afternoon was warm and sunny and I took the boys up to Daniel's Park, just to scope things out. I'd read it was a good spot for sunset photos and full moonsets, and I can see why. Will have to come back and explore!

Bruiser time

Monday morning's walk was mild and beautiful

But the snow from the weekend kept the dirt at the dog park nice and muddy.


Cue Tuesday morning and . . . more snow

Jake's coat gets sooooo curly when he's wet!

Back home and getting dried off, these guys are just too adorable.

and then right back to where we started!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

1 Year with Aidan

Today is the Queen of England's 92nd birthday.

More importantly, today is Aidan's 1st Adoption Day!

First, a celebratory snuggle with older brother Jake, who really is under there somewhere.

And play in the tiniest bit of snow

And have pupcake!

Saved for later...

I worked all week on editing the year's worth of photos and video only to have Movie Maker crap out on me adding the music. I tried everything, uninstalling, reinstalling, and it's just un-editable now. It produced a movie, but it goes silent after about five minutes.

So cue up whatever you think goes best with crazy, happy, puppy stuff and enjoy!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

4/17/2018 The Morning Routine in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Regardless of the weather, get up and out with the puppies before the sun starts to do this:

This was actually yesterday. Today, there were absolutely no clouds because we were walking through 50 mile an hour wind gusts that had been howling all night long.

Step 2: Play ball at the puppy park. (Jake's ears are getting blown around here.)

Step 3: Enjoy the season. Currently, spring is in full bloom. This bush looks like a million pink butterflies landed on it, especially in the wind.


Step 4: Return home (terribly wind battered today), and then putter around with house chores and your constant companions at the ready

Step 5: Work, until puppy play time break.  (Wind still howling)


 Doesn't slow them down in the least.

 Step 6: Get hit up for treats

Step 7: Work, work, puppy break. In this instance, Jake decided he needed to roll around and take a dirt bath while I swapped the laundry and they waited for me to come outside.

Step 8: Work, work, then stop for puppy bone balls. These little $2 things at Target have been so much better for this than any Kong. The tiny little mini milk bones fit perfectly in the holes. Aidan is an expert, so he finishes his much faster. Jake takes his time, and gets distracted.

PLEASE let me "help" him?

Finally Jake knocks his ball to the floor, hops down, and gets a drink. Aidan takes the ball and finishes it off

Step 9: Work some more, then lunch break. This is where each pup gets his kong with some cheese inside. Again, Aidan polishes his off immediately and brings it to me to show that it's empty.

And then...
  you know who he's looking at, right?

And, after a little while, Jake drops it to the floor and Aidan takes it and turns his back to us to finish off what Jake couldn't reach. He thinks he's so sneaky. He has no idea Jake is on to him.

Step 10: share a knowing look with Jake