Thursday, February 22, 2018

2/22/18 Aidan & Star Wars

you mean all of this is for ME?!

(Redeemed Petco rewards on a big markdown sale, which arrived today.)

lemme consider this bounty for a minute  . . .


don't forget the box they came in. That's part of the fun. 


2/22/18 Juno & Aidan

run run run run

pause for second wind 


This is Me

Loved "The Greatest Showman" on the big screen last weekend and can't get enough of the soundtrack. But this live performance! 
Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2/20/18 Powder Day

look at all that smooth powder for us to tromp through!

so it's a little cold, so what?

but no one to share it with (except mom) at the doggie park. Wusses.

Guess I'll make my own fun

iz my raccoon look

highly recommend pup-boots in 0° weather

and still I cool off my belly after


mom and I love this stuff

 look how we tore it up :)

And according to mom's fitbit, 2.4 miles and 1200 burned by 8:00 a.m.

Monday, February 19, 2018

2/19/18 From 70s to teens overnight

we have GOT to work on Aidan's selfie game...

2/18/18 DAM DAY

The Denver Art Museum, loving called the DAM, does weird things when you try to panorama it.

but its lines are pretty funky even without an earth bend

around each side is some new discovery, both in and out. 

across the street is the Denver Public Library in all its glory

Inside we spent the majority of our time taking in the two floors dedicated to the
 Stampede: Animals in Art exhibition

the plate, which I thought I'd taken a photo of, says the artist WIPED this horse into existence, first covering the while canvas in black and pulling away the portions to reveal the horse.

Some of the gorgeous Butterfield horses we'd seen at the Botanic gardens in 2014 were here. 
Reminder: she starts with found wood and pieces together her horse sculptures, but then numbers every piece, photographs them, pulls them apart, and the wood is turned to ash in the molding process where they are individually cast into bronze. And THEN, she reassembles them,  and paints and patinas each piece back into looking exactly like wood. They're never infested by bugs or worn down by time and weather this way. 

we'll call this "Amber considers the resemblance to some folks we know"

a Lakota eagle feathered headdress



 The made-for-instagram "Past the Tangled Present" space

The second floor was largely devoted to the Degas exhibition that costs more and that we didn't really think we'd have time for, but down on the first floor was the current exhibition "Linking Asia" where there were a number of ink illustrations on silk and paper that I thought Sam would appreciate, especially this first one, that made me think of a senior project, where the artist gets forgotten and only the school name remains attached. 

especially since these are life sized ink panels AND . . . 

it's 15 feet long

Zuo's was ONLY 8 feet tall

and the ones drawn in ink on silk seem like they would be insanely harder than on paper

Afterwards, we went over to Union Station to finally have an Impossible Burger at Hopdoddy's, so we swung by the grate to see if our bloody baby doll was still holding court on the chair. 

It seemed like it had been removed, so I got Amber to use her cell as a flashlight while I tried to take a photo of the empty space. It wasn't until I got it open in photoshop that I realized we hadn't spotted the red glove holding the cards. 

We were the only ones sitting outside, which seemed crazy since it was hovering around 68° and gorgeous. 

And yes, the Impossible Burger is impossible to tell it's not meat. The taste, texture, color, juicy-ness, all spot-on with zero animal slaughter. I was so excited I dove in and took a bite before remember I wanted to take a photo. 

our view over our Impossibles wasn't too shaby as the sun started to set. 

This Feb. 2018 Amber adventure also marks four years since our first one in Feb. 2014. To more adventures!