Monday, September 22, 2014
Saturday, September 20, 2014

2014 Aspen Watch, Part 1

I wish I could adequately describe how much brighter and more crisp the trees look in person. Or how driving with the windows down at 9,000+ feet numbs your nose and wakes up your cheeks at the same time. The pictures will just have to do. 

This is a warm up (I hope) for next weekend when we'll be camping at 10,000 feet. Assuming no freak frost, we should have ample gold next weekend, too. But just to be safe, Sam drove us up to Mt. Evans for the morning.

should've made the flash fire, dangit

Roundup of Previous Years' Aspen Posts:


Posted in 2010, taken in 2009

2010 (ill-fated hike)

2011 from the air, flying back from California

2011 from the ground

2012 (Train trip)


7 Year Video
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Momentum Chrome Extension

I've been using Momentum as my Chrome Extension for months now. I love about 98% of different daily cover photos, which certainly helps. 

I'm not sure how much more productive it makes me, specially since I tend to dwell on the photo every time I open a new tab, but maybe that's just me.

Between Hawaii and Oregon, how can you go wrong?

It's also alerted me to the fact that I seem to have a pretty rigid schedule, despite my thinking I'm just leisurely coming back from a walk with Evan and having a first cup of coffee at my own pace. The last two days in a row I have opened my browser at the same time, to the minute, on a rather significant time stamp, at least to me. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Sandy Solomon

September 2001

       our part/To murmur
       name upon name...
      W.B. Yeats, Easter 1916

How to speak of blood but as blood,
bone but as bone, and ash, ash,
ash for the urns of the many unfound, name
upon name murmured--daughter and son,
husband, wife, parent, friend, or none--
gone under a true September morning
sun while at home light latticed the carpets
(dust motes floating as the TV droned)
and panes seemed the slightest obstacle
to clear, call it perfect, day beyond

as helplessly we watched their murder done
(in fire and air and the long groan--earth
to earth--of gravity); all screened and screened
again as if anyone could master
their unending deaths, the thousands, blood and bone
buried, ashes risen in the wind and fallen
with the buildings’ dust, name on name to sound,
steady as rain’s light drum, multiple,
resolved--daughter and son, husband,
wife, mother, father, friend, or none:
Nural and Anna, Sakara, Sean, and Glenn,
Arianne, Irina, Susnil, Elena, and John.

            Published in The Philadelphia Inquirer
            September 9, 2002

X. J. Kennedy (Click to listen through Writer's Almanac)

September Twelfth, 2001

Two caught on film who hurtle
from the eighty-second floor, 
choosing between a fireball
and to jump holding hands, 

aren't us. I wake beside you, 
stretch, scratch, taste the air, 
the incredible joy of coffee
and the morning light. 

Alive, we open eyelids
on our pitiful share of time, 
we bubbles rising and bursting
in a boiling pot.

Monday, September 8, 2014

The Weekend Roundup

On Friday, Sammi turned 19.  Morning gifts

The backpack was immediately taken on the birthday hike with friends. Sam took the camera and actually, gasp, took some photos!

She and her friends had lunch and cookie cake at Dad's

And we took her out for dinner at Joe's, her choice.

After which, we had cake and the display of presents from friends that had arrived during the day

Saturday we flew to Austin to see Nick's first game.

Pre-game light lunch:

Once Nick was off to pre-game team meetings, we met Ali for coffee and pie at the Monument Cafe

We got the stadium, met up with Ali's folks, and walked in right as Nick was walking out. 

During warm-ups

Nick on the jumbo-tron during the SCAC video

Guess who at the front of the line

Unfortunately . . .

They called a lightning delay. We went under the stands for more than hour before resuming game play, still in the second quarter.

We had a 5 minute halftime, resumed the third quarter, and then the game got delayed again for more lightning. It was 10:30.

We waited, with no communication, for another hour. By this time, the vast majority of people had left. The lightning kept coming and every time there was a strike, the clock reset to 30 more minutes, and typically didn't even move or countdown for long stretched. The rain started pouring. Coaches walked through without a word, went to the concession stands to get pizza, and walked back. A hundred guys who haven't eaten since 3:00 are squashed into the team house and no one is saying anything. Meanwhile, my hip, thanks to the rain and the long stretches of sitting uncomfortably or standing decided to rebel. And we waited. 

Finally, at 11:30 they called the game. Officially, it was cancelled, so none of the stats will count. 

Their first game was not their first game. That will be next week. When we aren't there.

Yep, full moon is about right.

So, finally, after midnight, Nick emerges. Nick with Ali and her folks:

I hit the pain meds and fell into bed at 2:00 a.m. at Marci and Ren's house. Unfortunately, they only worked part of the night to kill the sound of Bob's snoring, so I was pretty out of it on Sunday. 

By noon we had Nick filling up a grocery cart so we could fill his kitchen before we left.

We then headed over for lunch, with Marci and Ren, who I just realized didn't get into a single photo over the weekend) and had lunch together at The Salt Lick, but then he had to get back  for film and lifting and so it goes.

And so we went. You can tell Bob booked this round. Sunset is just not the same from the aisle seat.

Fell in bed at 10:00 and missed trying to shoot the full moon rise this morning. 

Maybe tomorrow, if I can walk.