Saturday, March 25, 2017

03/25/2017 Amber Saturday Fun

It's Amber Adventure Day, March 2017 edition!

We had reservations at the new Board and Brush Denver at noon and decided to finally stop in at the Breakfast King for a late breakfast. We'd passed this little 24/7 diner on most of our trips into the city and had never hit it at the right time. 


It did not disappoint in its retro goodness.


Ruling since 1975


giant portions and good coffee

the Smokenater doesn't get much work these days, but I bet it certainly did back in the day
And why so many of my photos blurry? 

all we could manage

on into downtown

mural around the corner 

We were the first to arrive at Board and Brush. It's a great space. 


You pick your project when you reserve a spot so they have all your materials laid out when you arrive.

First step stain, then drill together.


Then the long work of peeling the stencil and getting it set.

Then, on to painting

and then peeling off the stencil and cleaning up the lines

wax and done!

Post-craftiness, we hit up our favorites: Los Dos for queso and chips (and margaritas)

and Tanya happened to already be there and spotted me for a quick visit!

and then, of course . . . 

Honey B's to top off a perfect Saturday


Monday, March 20, 2017


now THAT's how you start a Monday

to back up the trail a bit before the show really got started, we were first greeted by the hoots of this guy at the peak of the roof there. Never great zoomed in in semi-dusk light, but you can make out his silhouette. We had just seen a bunny go hopping across the trail ahead of his hoots, so he was clearly scouting breakfast.

the sky started picking up steam as we got to the dog park

that blue/purple color! I can't quite find anything to match it.  Cerulean-cobalt-cornflower-iris-indigo-violet blue?

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Saturday in the Springs


took a lovely stop through Garden of the Gods on the way to visit Mom and Dad. Gorgeous today!

Walked down their "yard" to check out the victim of the high wind that snapped a tree that must've stood 50 feet tall. 

the remnant that still hands

so many feet on the ground I couldn't fit it in the camera!

Evan looking handsome

Hopefully next week the cabin framing will begin. Exciting to imagine by summer there might actually by some of this for "real"