Wednesday, March 8, 2017

3/8/17 Morning Excitement

As luck would have it, Bob was with me on our morning walk when we came across this skinny guy running loose in the open space, trying to get a drink from the bit of water from the dried up stream bed. He was dirty and scared, but very friendly. We put the leash on him and Bob got him home while I took Evan, who was VERY interested in this scared guy and kept bouncing around trying to play, slowly home by the collar until we were close to the house and I could trust him to walk free nearby me. 

Poor guy drank forever from the water we set out for him. 

Look at that hound dog face. 


He was happy to fetch the ball and even happier to get some cheese as treats. But he's had no training and also REALLY liked to get over-excited and hump Bob's leg. When we left him to the backyard to call the Animal Control folks, he started his hound dog whine/bark. Sorry, neighbors, but you'll have to deal for just a bit. 

So he's getting checked out at the Buddy Center now for a chip (doubtful), some medical attention, a soft safe place to lay, and hopefully his people will come looking for him. 

He's so skinny, though, my instinct tell me he may need to work on that humping issue so he can find some new people who like to throw balls. And have cheese.

Very happy to have The Buddy Center in the area, instead of having to take him to a kill shelter.

Update: the Buddy Center found a chip! Whether that leads them to his owners is yet to be determined, but its a hopeful sign. He's a Plott Hound. Learn something new everyday. 


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