Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1-31-12 finger art

Is it really only Tuesday? Yikes.
Finished out the end of month without too much fuss or muss, and I don't think I will ever type with all 10 fingers again. I realized today that I'd adapted to avoiding using the right handed pinky finger without even thinking about it on the keyboard already. It's amazing how quickly the mind can work out the kinks.

This is also true of being able to type with a cat laying on my hands, which happens most evenings. And she isn't content to be further back on my arm. Her entire raison d'être is to get as much of her head across as many fingers as she can while I type. She seems to enjoy the jiggling it produces. Weirdo.

I did discover a new wrinkle in my franken pinky saga. It's really difficult to take a picture of my right hand with my good camera.

The phone snaps are easy enough, but getting my left hand to hold and shoot a picture of the right one with the Canon? You should be impressed.

Here's the healing progress as of this evening:

I'm fighting the urge to trim up the stitch ends now that it's not covered up all the time and that loose one there, far left, is bugging me... aesthetically. (Yes, even mangled and stitched-together fingers can have aesthetics.) Then again, I've also had the urge to draw two googly eyes over it so it looks like a smile. Maybe it's just me...

Monday, January 30, 2012


Acoustic Adele on a Monday morning. I think YES.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1-28-12 the Saturday evening walk

1-28-12 FF²

Frankenfinger LIVES!

Dad, you might not want to scroll down to see. Just a warning ;)

Friday, January 27, 2012

1-27-12 frankenfinger!

Hmm, as I typed that I realized it would make an excellent exclamation/interjection word. I opt for Yosemite Sam's "rackenfraken!" frequently, but "frankenfinger!" may get worked in there now, too.

I guarantee you I was saying more than that last night in the moment when I thought I'd pulled off the tip of my right pinky finger.

Only Tori can find a way to gash open herself hanging up the dishtowel on the oven handle.

The handle is in front of this grille work on the oven door. When I slid the towel over the bar I pushed the backside through and down to get the towel over the bar and somehow my pinky finger went into a slat of the grill and hit some hidden inner edge that gashed it open.

Gashed, not cut. It reminded me of that moment in Robin Hood when Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Notthingham threatens to cut his heart out with a SPOON. Later, his cousin asks him, "Why a spoon?" and he replies, "Because it's DULL you idiot. It'll HURT MORE!"

(P.S. This clip should be available on YouTube.!)

So, he's right. The duller it is, the nastier the aftermath.

I am not sure quite what sounds I made, but something alerted Bob to get downstairs fast enough to keep me from keeling over. He did what he could to clean it, but that sucker was gushing with a big ol' flap of skin hanging open. I'm laying sprawled on the table with my hand held up like I want to answer the teacher's question, over my head, to try and stop the bleeding while Bob tries to get pressure on it and bandage it up. Meanwhile, since I'd started getting sick earlier in the day, running a low grade fever and feeling that awful sore throat thing, I'd already taken benadryl and couldn't tell if it was that, or the sight of my mangled finger, or the fever that was making feel like throwing up and passing out at the same time.

This morning we went another round, trying to get the bandage OFF, which was completely stuck and pulled the wound right back open.

So at 8:15 this morning I was in the doctor's office getting franken-fingered with three black stitches. Definitely another scar story.

Yes, I did take a picture of it pre-stitched. I will spare the public.

My doc prepared me for the needle so well that when he actually stuck me, it was nothing compared to what I was expecting. After that, I was good. I was watching him work intently when he said, "I don't think I could actually watch myself getting stitched like this." (It was pretty cool, though.)

Frankenfinger is underneath Mummy Finger for the next two days:

I knew that coffee cup would come in handy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

1-23-12 BELIEVE

I just posted this on Nick's facebook wall.

This morning, he found out from someone else who had been at the combine that players had gotten their calls and had a meeting on Sunday, at least the ones the coaches wanted to enter into the off-season program. No call for Nick. No quarterbacks at all, in fact.

He was trying so hard to stay positive. He was going to keep working and go to the next combine, and the next, and the next until they gave him a shot. But you could hear it in his voice.

And, then....

Tonight, the phone rang again.

It was Nick. And he'd just gotten off the phone with the coach. And tomorrow he meets with them to get going in their off-season program.

There had been some confusion about the fact that he was not at UNC this semester but actually ON  campus and able to take part.

Talk about your highs and lows in the same day.

He is over the moon with excitement for this opportunity. And we are over the moon with him.

Don't stop believing :) 

1-23-12 be still

You know how things happen in a day and you look back and can say, "oohhhh."

This little medley came up on my ipod shuffle this morning and I hadn't heard it in a long while.

I'm so glad it did.

And when I realized in the day how much I needed it, I went to see if someone had put it on YouTube, and the only one is this  . . . very still, very simple picture.


Earth teach me stillness as the grasses are stilled with light.
Earth teach me suffering as old stones suffer with memory.
Earth teach me humility as blossoms are humble with beginning.
Earth teach me caring as the mother who secures her young.
Earth teach me courage as the tree which stands alone.
Earth teach me limitation as the ant which crawls on the ground.
Earth teach me freedom as the eagle which soars in the sky.
Earth teach me resignation as the leaves which die in the fall.
Earth teach me regeneration as the seed which rises in the spring.
Earth teach me to forget myself as melted snow forgets its life.
Earth teach me to remember kindness as dry fields weep in the rain.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

1-21-12 Saturday update

It was a quiet Saturday here. A week ago the plan had been for Sammi and I to hit Monarch Mountain with Deana and Olivia. On Monday, we decided to postpone the trip until Feb. thanks to a lot of unforeseen stuff that cropped up. With Sam sick this week and, as it turned out, snowing on the mountain today, that was a lucky call. But we'll get there!

Clicking on the photo will probably make it way too big, but even from here you can spot the area Sammi and I are thinking we'll be spending a lot of time on. There's that little bitty green line, to the right of the pretty short red line, is the "Caterpillar." May be by lunch we'll have graduated to the short red slope, the Tumbelina. We'll be sure to live up to that slope's name, no doubt.

So, instead, we did manage to find Sammi ski pants today for the big trip whenever we get there. The real challenge is that all women's ski pants are way too long and these aren't exactly tailor friendly material. Th at and having them tailored would run us 4x what the pants cost in the first place for what might turn out to be a single ski trip. In the girls section the only ski pants they had were hot pink. Soooo not Sammi. But in the boys section, we found a pair that were just the right length and, after trying them on, were please to discover would fit over curvy hips, too!

And, of course, when at Walmart:

Post naps, we took the dogs on a walk, mostly because waiting to hear from Nick and how he did at the combine was making us crazy. As we stepped out of the front door, Bruiser was quite unhappy that he wasn't allowed to go along. Of all cats, he might actually do well on a leash harness.

I managed to capture the scene as Fisher reacts to Bruiser jumping to the top of the couch to see us off.

So, of course, on the walk, Nick calls.

So we pull over and  the dogs and I sit by the running water of the stream from all the snow melt while I listen to Bob say "Ok" 5 bazzillion times before I get a chance on the phone. Still, it was a nice spot to hang with the pups.

So, piecing together what Bob got and what I did...

Nick walked up to the sign in desk, the coach took one look at him and said, "Quarterback?"

Nick smiled and said, "yes, sir, how did you know?" to which the coach smiled and said, "don't ask stupid questions."

There were 11 QBs trying out today. In every event, Nick was in the top three. He jumped an 8'11" in the standing broad. He ran a 4.66 40 and as the coach wrote on his time on the number on his back, he told Nick, "Coach F. (the head coach) is keeping an eye on you." He maxed out at 11 reps on bench at 225 and only one QB did better at 225 x12. When he was throwing he had the coach pull him aside to discuss the offense and how they do certain throws when they run this or that play in "our offense". Teaching the system is good sign, no? After every event, he'd say, "And I had fun." It's been a long time since football was really fun. By the end of the day a lot of the guys were calling him Tebow. He had a chat with one coach who had been at Manning, like Nick, and another who remembered his name from when he was a senior and on the recruiting sites. At the end, he went over to thank the coach for the opportunity. The coach said they'd be reviewing everything this evening, but that still leaves the waiting game on Nick's end. The coach had Nick's sheet and said, "this is the best number to reach you at, right?" We'll take that as a good sign and hope the wait isn't terrible.

Right at the end of the call, out of seemingly nowhere, we were covered overhead by geese flying in their V formations. We'll take that as a good sign, too.

Friday, January 20, 2012

1-20-12 TGIFF

Thank God it's freakin' Friday.
This week could not have been any longer. 
And this afternoon, if it could go wrong at work, it did.

So in my end of day haze, when my eyes feel like they're bleeding and I'm counting down the minutes until I can finally get AWAY, up pops Richard Marx's tweet, which made me smile.

He will never live that mullet down. Just never. Which is strangely comforting. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

1-19-12 catching up

Has it really been three days since I posted anything? 

Time flies when you're tending to the sick.

Bob's round of flu-like symptoms hit him the middle of Monday night, Sammi's Tuesday. Between trays of soup and liquids and meds, I earned my Tori Nightingale badge.

Both are doing much better tonight.

So over the past few days, here's what's been neglectfully undownloaded from the camera...

Snow Monday night left just a pretty dusting on everything:

The individual flakes linked together are so impossible to capture through the lens.

Dogs. Of course.

And sleeping cats...

And awake...

And asleep... or plotting your death. hard to say.

No, you go ahead. I'll get another glass.

Bob up and about this evening.

Oh, and hair coloring. When did I do this? Yesterday morning I think...On the left, my neopolitan mix of white/gray, slightly pinkish red, and fading brown. On the right, after 45 minutes, except for the slightly purple scalp, much better.

Exciting, huh? No pictures of the 12 hour work days or sickies in bed, so that about does it around here.

On the Nick front, he and Clay worked out swapping roomates, books only ran us $300 this semester, and the dining plan has so far consisted of fried something every meal.

Yesterday's text examples:

At lunch:

"Ok, I"m eating two chicked fried steaks for lunch. Hello Texas lol. And sweet tea to drink."

And then again at dinner:

"I'm eating fried okra right now and fried shrimp. Meal plan just got better."

That box of contacts he left behind, of course, were needed immediately. He tore one yesterday morning. So $45.00 later and the overnighted package arrived today at noon so he can see. Cause, ya know, seeing's important.

Monday, January 16, 2012

1-16-12 Beauty and the Beast, and teapot sex

We went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D this weekend.

Yes, we paid to go see a movie we own on DVD.

It's not about the 3D as much as enjoying the big screen, the sound system, the darkness, the popcorn and junior mints. It's an experience that reminds me of getting so excited that a Disney movie was at the theater. You only got to see them as a kid in the 70s once a decade, so it was a big deal when Bambi or Cinderella was showing. You knew the story, you had the album with the sketch of the storyline and the songs, but going to the movies was so much more.

Sammi got the special edition kids 3D glasses. Every now and then being small is a plus.

The Tangled short was also a big draw for us, and didn't disappoint.

But, alas, even in 3D, the Beauty and the Beast conundrum remains.

It all hinges on a single line in the song "Be Our Guest" : "ten years we've been rusting, needing so much more than dusting."

Alan Menken, I love you. But WHY couldn't the line have been "for years" instead of setting a number that completely violates so many of the story lines in the film?

The prologue clearly states:

The Rose she had offered, 
Was truly an enchanted rose, 
Which would bloom until his twenty-first year. 
If he could learn to love another, 
And earn her love in return 
By the time the last petal fell, 
Then the spell would be broken. 

If it's been ten years, and the last petal on the rose is about fall, that means the Beast is about to become 21. And, thus, when the prologue says, "The Prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind" you have to add "and ELEVEN?!?" at the time of the curse.

This also makes Mrs. Potts the loosest teapot in creation (admittedly, the only loose teapot in all creation). Chip, both in his speech and when he is returned to his bodily form, appears to be about six years old. He calls Mrs. Potts "mama" on multiple occasions. He sleeps in the cupboard with another 11 teacups that Mrs. Potts calls his "brothers."

With whom is Mrs. Potts creating these cups/children? It didn't happen before the curse, so now we're left sitting in the dark theater confounded at how exactly teapot sex has occurred. All kinds of dirty jokes involving the other pieces of the tea set come to mind. It doesn't help that when she's transformed back she appears to be an animated Angela Lansbury.

Forget the other hidden sexual suggestions in Disney films, this one's the winner.


Saturday, January 14, 2012

1-14-12 bangin'

I put Facebook to its proper use this week, posting this picture and soliciting opinions: bangs or no?

Every morning for months now I've been tempted to cut my hair back into bangs, and every time I'd pull out he scissors, I'd talk myself out of it.

Unfortunately, the results of my informal poll didn't clear anything up, but it was a great boost for the ego.

    • Cindy Discher Martin Tori, you are beutiful both ways, but the bangs are more "playful" which I think is your personality, and you look younger with them which is always a plus! Just sayin....
      January 10 at 4:45pm ·  ·  1

    • Jennifer Burkart Manchi I agree with Cindy ^ !! You look great both ways but I too think the bangs give you a more playful, youthful look! :)
      January 10 at 4:48pm ·  ·  1

    • Crystal Rambo Bazarnic I like both. Honestly I can't pick! I am a big fan of bangs, but you look good with or without them!
      January 10 at 4:50pm ·  ·  1

    • Crystal Rambo Bazarnic I guess I would say if you typically wear your hair down, either. But if you typically do a ponytail or pull it back, do the bangs.
      January 10 at 4:51pm ·  ·  2

    • Tori Saltsman Mask thank you ladies! that makes the starting tally bangs 3, bangless 0 :)
      January 10 at 4:57pm ·  ·  1

    • Helen Shinpaugh Yes, bangs.
      January 10 at 5:07pm · 

    • Heather Hahn Ferry Without
      January 10 at 5:13pm · 

    • Heather Hahn Ferry Pics 6 & 8 are fantastic!
      January 10 at 5:13pm ·  ·  1

    • Shannon Van Meter whatever makes you happy. Youre so beautifull either way.
      January 10 at 5:18pm ·  ·  2

    • Tiffany Becker Morris She bangs, she bangs!! Sorry....couldn't help myself Tori.
      January 10 at 5:18pm ·  ·  3

    • Michelle Roeder I'm a bangs girl - at least partial bangs!
      January 10 at 5:21pm · 

      January 10 at 5:21pm · 

    • Nell Mask Tori, I like your hair both ways but but really think I like no bangs or just a fringe.
      January 10 at 5:21pm · 

    • JoAnn Traxler Larson Bangs make you look more youthful and playful!
      January 10 at 5:29pm ·  ·  1

    • Melissa Mask Wilson Bangs
      January 10 at 5:32pm ·  ·  1

    • Jeanene Batt A vote for no bangs!..But keep the awesome smile!!
      January 10 at 5:50pm ·  ·  1

    • Suzee Sullivan Schwartz Def no bangs...unless the side swept look has the "long" bangs, really like that look on ya
      January 10 at 6:31pm · 

    • Tori Saltsman Mask thanks for the input thus far! post-dinner count = 8 for bangs, 4 without...
      January 10 at 6:45pm · 

    • Lisa Morris I like number six! so def no bangs. But you are gorgeous no matter what!
      January 10 at 7:07pm ·  ·  1

    • Randy N Marcy Pittman I like pics 3 and 6 the best so I guess no is my choice
      January 10 at 7:12pm · 

    • Jennifer Sellers Minckler no bangs
      January 10 at 7:18pm · 

    • Tori Saltsman Mask ooh, 8 to 7! no bangs are catching up!
      January 10 at 7:20pm · 

    • Jennifer Sellers Minckler of course you are gorgeous either way :)
      January 10 at 7:21pm ·  ·  1

    • Tori Saltsman Mask thank you! I need to ask for hair opinions more often -- it's been awfully good for the ego! :P
      January 10 at 7:23pm ·  ·  1

    • Karen Little Shanaberger I vote no bangs! You look great with both but prefer no bangs! I did it myself and regret it!
      January 10 at 8:26pm · 

    • Courtney O'Banion Smith Without :-)
      January 10 at 8:58pm · 

    • Elizabeth Pamela-Doug Lewis Without..
      Wednesday at 12:41am · 

    • Bob Mask Keeping my opinion to myself. ;-)
      Wednesday at 3:57pm ·  ·  2

    • Crystal Rambo Bazarnic A better question is head-tilt or no head-tilt? (From another who is prone to head-tilting)
      Wednesday at 11:19pm · 

    • Tori Saltsman Mask The head tilt is genetic, I'm afraid. You know how dogs turn their heads a certain way when you whistle at the right pitch? The camera comes out and it just happens. :P
      Thursday at 7:12am ·  ·  1

    • Stephanie M Jackson I agree that all the pics are great, but I tend to lean toward bangs. They do fit your playful personality (I love that that word keeps popping up in this thread). That, and I wish I could pull off bangs, but I can't, and you rock them.

After a day, I ended up with 9 for bangs, 10 for not.

So, in typical fashion, this morning, I grabbed the scissors and cut 'em.

Then I blew them out of my face. 

How's that for waffling?