Saturday, January 21, 2012

1-21-12 Saturday update

It was a quiet Saturday here. A week ago the plan had been for Sammi and I to hit Monarch Mountain with Deana and Olivia. On Monday, we decided to postpone the trip until Feb. thanks to a lot of unforeseen stuff that cropped up. With Sam sick this week and, as it turned out, snowing on the mountain today, that was a lucky call. But we'll get there!

Clicking on the photo will probably make it way too big, but even from here you can spot the area Sammi and I are thinking we'll be spending a lot of time on. There's that little bitty green line, to the right of the pretty short red line, is the "Caterpillar." May be by lunch we'll have graduated to the short red slope, the Tumbelina. We'll be sure to live up to that slope's name, no doubt.

So, instead, we did manage to find Sammi ski pants today for the big trip whenever we get there. The real challenge is that all women's ski pants are way too long and these aren't exactly tailor friendly material. Th at and having them tailored would run us 4x what the pants cost in the first place for what might turn out to be a single ski trip. In the girls section the only ski pants they had were hot pink. Soooo not Sammi. But in the boys section, we found a pair that were just the right length and, after trying them on, were please to discover would fit over curvy hips, too!

And, of course, when at Walmart:

Post naps, we took the dogs on a walk, mostly because waiting to hear from Nick and how he did at the combine was making us crazy. As we stepped out of the front door, Bruiser was quite unhappy that he wasn't allowed to go along. Of all cats, he might actually do well on a leash harness.

I managed to capture the scene as Fisher reacts to Bruiser jumping to the top of the couch to see us off.

So, of course, on the walk, Nick calls.

So we pull over and  the dogs and I sit by the running water of the stream from all the snow melt while I listen to Bob say "Ok" 5 bazzillion times before I get a chance on the phone. Still, it was a nice spot to hang with the pups.

So, piecing together what Bob got and what I did...

Nick walked up to the sign in desk, the coach took one look at him and said, "Quarterback?"

Nick smiled and said, "yes, sir, how did you know?" to which the coach smiled and said, "don't ask stupid questions."

There were 11 QBs trying out today. In every event, Nick was in the top three. He jumped an 8'11" in the standing broad. He ran a 4.66 40 and as the coach wrote on his time on the number on his back, he told Nick, "Coach F. (the head coach) is keeping an eye on you." He maxed out at 11 reps on bench at 225 and only one QB did better at 225 x12. When he was throwing he had the coach pull him aside to discuss the offense and how they do certain throws when they run this or that play in "our offense". Teaching the system is good sign, no? After every event, he'd say, "And I had fun." It's been a long time since football was really fun. By the end of the day a lot of the guys were calling him Tebow. He had a chat with one coach who had been at Manning, like Nick, and another who remembered his name from when he was a senior and on the recruiting sites. At the end, he went over to thank the coach for the opportunity. The coach said they'd be reviewing everything this evening, but that still leaves the waiting game on Nick's end. The coach had Nick's sheet and said, "this is the best number to reach you at, right?" We'll take that as a good sign and hope the wait isn't terrible.

Right at the end of the call, out of seemingly nowhere, we were covered overhead by geese flying in their V formations. We'll take that as a good sign, too.


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