Thursday, January 19, 2012

1-19-12 catching up

Has it really been three days since I posted anything? 

Time flies when you're tending to the sick.

Bob's round of flu-like symptoms hit him the middle of Monday night, Sammi's Tuesday. Between trays of soup and liquids and meds, I earned my Tori Nightingale badge.

Both are doing much better tonight.

So over the past few days, here's what's been neglectfully undownloaded from the camera...

Snow Monday night left just a pretty dusting on everything:

The individual flakes linked together are so impossible to capture through the lens.

Dogs. Of course.

And sleeping cats...

And awake...

And asleep... or plotting your death. hard to say.

No, you go ahead. I'll get another glass.

Bob up and about this evening.

Oh, and hair coloring. When did I do this? Yesterday morning I think...On the left, my neopolitan mix of white/gray, slightly pinkish red, and fading brown. On the right, after 45 minutes, except for the slightly purple scalp, much better.

Exciting, huh? No pictures of the 12 hour work days or sickies in bed, so that about does it around here.

On the Nick front, he and Clay worked out swapping roomates, books only ran us $300 this semester, and the dining plan has so far consisted of fried something every meal.

Yesterday's text examples:

At lunch:

"Ok, I"m eating two chicked fried steaks for lunch. Hello Texas lol. And sweet tea to drink."

And then again at dinner:

"I'm eating fried okra right now and fried shrimp. Meal plan just got better."

That box of contacts he left behind, of course, were needed immediately. He tore one yesterday morning. So $45.00 later and the overnighted package arrived today at noon so he can see. Cause, ya know, seeing's important.


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