Thursday, January 12, 2012

1-12-12 starting the day

The moon update was interrupted yesterday thanks to the snowfall, 
but we're back to clear skies and cold, cold temperatures, just like January should be.

7° by the desktop widget!

My sweet pups know something's up. They're getting extra attention as I anticipate sending Nick off, much further from the nest this time tomorrow. There's just no better therapy for a sad mommy heart than loving on these babies, probably in that way that's so unhealthy with your real kids. Honestly, I can bury my head in their fur and say, "You'll never leave me for Texas, will you?" and sound cute instead of hopelessly clingy and morose. Nick is ready. It's time for him to fly. And this mama is just so proud to bursting at how ready he is. This is what I raised him for. No one can explain, through all those years of diapers, and toddlerhood, and school days that seem to stretch on forever, how quickly it passes, except other Moms who've been in exactly the same spot from time immemorial. And no one can ever prepare you for the send off, even when you know how good it will be for him. You just smile and let the tears well up, wipe them away, and enjoy the last day as much as you possibly can.

And more good news -- just got an email that Nick's background check cleared, he's set in the dorm, next door to Clay, and they can see if their assigned roommates would be willing to swap out once they get there to move in on Sunday. Thanks to Mrs. Weir, head of the housing department for the personal call last night. I hope you didn't hear my own Texas twang come out more and more as we talked, but it's kind of impossible to keep it under wraps when I hear those back-home inflections in someone else's speech. Thanks to Heather who got everything in motion yesterday and contacted us immediately this morning, too.

And thanks especially to all the friends who contacted us offering a place for Nick should he need it. Sending him so far away is manageable only because of you.


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