Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice Dawn

The little guys flew away when we approached, but not this little falcon. She stayed right where she was, all puffed up at the cold. The little ones flitted back but stayed a respectable distance from her. 

Saturday, December 17, 2016

12/9/16 Last Day at WDW

So, here's the end of the story. 

Remember I mentioned that I'd apparently not packed my back-up battery or the GoPro harness? So I hadn't used the camera the last night and was going to see how far I could get before my battery died for good. 

We'd packed up the night before and set the alarm so we'd have time to get our bags down to the Magical Express service, get checked into our flight and grab our boarding passes before getting to the park before opening. 

I hadn't unpacked my suitcase the whole trip, so it had been relatively easy to roll everything back up into my packing cubes. But, for some reason, just as we're walking out of the room for the last time, with Bob already out in the hallway, something made me reach over and open the top two drawers. 

There, inside, lay my battery in its battery charger, the GoPro Harness . . . 

and my CAR KEYS.

Yep, we were about to leave, fly to Denver, deplane, wait around at baggage claim, at which point, I would start digging around in my carry-on laptop looking for the car keys . . .  that would have still been in Florida!

And  you know what I was most excited about? 


Okay, so here we go, with me snapping away happily.


It was on the way out of Winnie the Pooh that we ended up adding three more to our little party. Bill and Julie were waiting near the shop for us, and then there was this big-eyed Eeyore. With my Annual Pass discount, he was only $28! They said they'd just gotten him in that morning and I have to imagine he was tagged incorrectly. But he was mine!

From there we all headed over to Be Our Guest for breakfast.

And when we were ordering? I found my first Tori!

I think my house needs a crocodile weathervane

There's a new Muppet show in Liberty Square!


Last ride of the trip, same as the first!

and then it was time to head home. Last photos down Main Street

and off on the monorail to get on the way to Denver

WITH my car keys ;)