Wednesday, December 14, 2016

12/06/2016 Epcot

walking on a slippery boardwalk over to Epcot, just around the bend


First stop: England, where Alice was meeting with fans.

And back across the pond (or right next door) to Canada

The central Epcot tree between World Showcase and Future World

There were a few goals for Epcot today.

1. I wanted to do the meet and greet with Joy and Sadness from Inside Out.


Right across the way was Baymax:




Back through World Showcase. Because our second goal was not until after 8, which was the only time and the only day I could grab a fast pass for the new Frozen ride. So we wandered.

past Norway

into Germany

and over to Italy

And finally we dropped for a rest and dinner at the American Adventure, where they had a great veggie option (yes, that's veggie protein) salad. After a day of carbs . . .  yum.

Through China

And catching the boat across the lake back to Future World, because we have a 7 pastpass for Spaceship Earth (in the Geosphere at the front of the park) and our feet are TIRED.

One area of the pavement is glittering with stars

I have tried every time I ride this to photograph the Earth that is at the very top of the sphere and finally have a lens with a low enough F-stop to do it!

And then? Back again into World Showcase to finally ride Frozen before my feet fall off. We've passed ten miles walking today.

But it's still not quite time. 

So into Mexico



When we get there, the standby line (people that weren't able to get a fastpass time) is TWO HOURS.

Okay, it was really cute. BUT TWO HOURS?!? This ride lasted 5 minutes! So glad we got a fast passs. 

And, of course, the shop on the way out had a whole wall of adorable Svens.


One more long march all the way back to the front of the park to catch the monorail. 

(taken from the monorail windows)

We were supposed to be able to step off the Epcot monorail and onto the Resort Monorail . . . except it was down and not run. We had to WALK, remember, we're on the farthest side, farthest away from the monorail, to our room. ACKKKKK. 

But we survived.

Tomorrow: Hollywood Studios by day and the Magic Kingdom until 1:00 a.m.!

Did I mention this isn't exactly the most relaxing vacation? ;)


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