Saturday, April 30, 2016

4/29/16 Bonnie Raitt Concert

walked into Hard Rock for a bite and ran into my son's kindergarten and first grade teacher there with her sister, about to go see Bonnie, too!


waiting for Bonnie



Quiet Days at the Leader

Marie's office

My office. I'm the only one who uses this one now. Marie said I should get my name on the door.

rows and rows of filing cabinets, overflowing with photos and papers

all of those are full

and those

Fridays they close at noon, so I'm the only light burning in the place.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Got to spend a few hours with Courtney and her boys, Shepherd (4) and Asher (2) at the Zoo today!


4 is my age. I remember Nick as this age. They're just perfect. 

So while Courtney wrangled Asher all over the place, Shep and I got to be best buddies. I started noticing he'd wander over and hold my hand as we were walking about. He also got enamored with my bracelets and I gave him one to carry, which he asked if he could keep. (Of course!) We fed the birds together with some bread leftover from Asher's lunch. And by the time we were leaving, he was asking me to carry him. 


Afterwards, I spent the rest of the day at the UH library finishing out a review of the 70s material.

So, I've been parking in the same spot all three visits and only today did I notice I had picked spot "V", for Victoria, naturally.

After I picked up Steph from work, I swapped back into my rain boots that I'd started the day in, when it was pouring, and we slogged around the marsh off of 288 so I could check out the giant metal iron sculptures that I was seeing as we passed by each day taking her to work. 

fishing pole landing a truck


The Mariaches


In tribute to Beyonce the big metal chicken


finished out with dinner at Gringos (after a quick costume change out of that ill-advised black knit top I'd been sweating in all afternoon.)

During dinner, Courtney texted me, "You have been the primary topic of conversation for Shepherd all day. He says he wants to come see you one day."

C'mon up Shep! I'll take you to the Denver Zoo!