Thursday, April 7, 2016

Dumas Phone Photos, week 2

the skies as we drove to Amarillo on Tuesday

Tuesday late afternoon, before the tsunami winds showed up

Watching the sun rise on Wednesday

on our walk Wednesday . . . filed under things you do not have in Colorado 

Albert's is a mainstay in the center of town. We usually do breakfast here some time over the Thanksgiving break, but this time I got to try their homemade pie! (Lemon cream)

Today, Evan and I spent a couple of hours perusing the cemetery in town, right next to the train tracks. These were the only live flowers in the whole place (some 3000 graves)
Train passing in the background.

lots of planters blown over from the ever present wind on the panhandle plains

The oldest grave I could spot was 1902. The town was incorporated a decade earlier.

a couple of Woodmen tombstones from the Depression era

pretty recent one (no tombstone yet) covered in white rock and marked with a fishing pole

sharing a Coke with Alejandro. I think the sharer could've had a bit more.

same row


where to next?

We hit up the big park in town before going home for lunch.

hope you didn't want to know about the plane...

Moore County Veterans Memorial is here.

And the carnival is town! Closed during the weekday morning hours

The park is really nice for such a small town. 
Tons of play spaces, equipment, sand boxes, swings, etc.

I imagine the pool is a pretty hopping place come summer.

and please don't miss the expert placement of the Lions Club sticker.

Back to Amarillo tomorrow for dual appointments.
Home to Colorado Saturday.


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