Tuesday, April 19, 2016

4/19/16 late morning walk

We postponed our morning walk as it was snowing again at dawn. By 9:30 though, the blue skies were out and the sun was fierce. No need for a hat or gloves today!

The poor redbuds seemed to be the least hardy from the snowstorm. Downed branches and what look like little drops of blood on the snow from the buds litter their lawns.

the snowman across the street is easing back from whence he came

but the redbud at the entrance to the open space is still showing off

this guy stayed put for a long time, all the way up the trail and while we entered the dog park

where there isn't snow? MUD

every time I'd stop to take a photo, Evan took the opportunity to lay in the snow

still plenty of clouds hanging over the mountains to our west

Evan caught sight of our wild friend from this vantage point.

he did that all the way up the trail for a good half mile.


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