Sunday, April 24, 2016

4/23/16 Saturday in Houston

Saturday I spent all the open hours of the Special Collections room going through dozens of boxes of Foley's materials from the 1960s. The oversize boxes were lots of fun, replete with giant maps and surveys. There were also boxes of photos and documents covering everything from Grand Openings to the hand written memo notes management was taking during meetings and on phone calls. 

This magnolia tree next to the library was astounding. And it smelled amazing.

visitor tip: parking in the lower level of the Hilton garage

I got back just in time to freshen up before Michelle arrived and we headed to dinner and then our planned adventure to the James Turrell Skyspace installation on the Rice campus. 

there's Michelle peeking up from the second level!

This installation, the 73rd of 80 around the country, is entitled Twilight Epiphany. 

The space is all minimalism, spare and square, and rising from its green hill. For me, it was all about my perception of light and space, and how interior and exterior can be inverted in my brain. 

The "open" gets hypnotically screen-like and the slow creep of changing color on the roof keeps changing the slow creep of the sky's twilight change. 

Pictures and video do it no justice, but that didn't stop me from taking them anyway. 


Sadly, the intent of the space is to skygaze in silence, but this evening somewhere down the courtyard area was an end of semester party that was replete with blaring, bass-heavy music that interfered with any hope of experiencing the sunset peacefully. 

After about 20 minutes, with my teeth rattling as we recline on the concrete bench looking upward, we took the docent's advice to move about the space to take in the corners. 



from the lower level after the show ended. You can literally lay in the center and look directly up through the center if you so desire. 

Definitely would like to try this again when it's quiet.

Post-art, we drove by the giant Longhorn Armadillo on Kirby . . .

And landed at Dot Coffee Shop for pie and coffee. More than we could have imagined.

the photo does not do the monstrosity between us justice. That's one piece of pie with about five tons of whipped cream with nuts on top. 

that's not counting the two take-out boxes he also brought us . . . and we ended up getting charged for a single slice each . . . and two half-cups of coffee each. Even the coffee shop was an adventure.


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