Friday, May 31, 2013

5/31/13 Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad

(Rapturous and detailed text from the Mexia paper files)

Miss Karen Blaylock is Complimented with Pretty Tea and Bridal Shower

Miss Karen Kaye Blaylock, bride-elect of Frederick Pearson Saltsman Jr., was complimented with a very lovely tea and bridal shower given Saturday in the home of Mrs. N.B. Boyd on East Commerce Street. The wedding will be solemnized on May 31 at the First Baptist Church. 

Hostesses with Mrs. Boyd were Mrs. Ivan Thorne, Mrs. Clude Wilson, Mrs. Hubert Harrison, Mrs. A.B. McBay, Mrs. John Fowler, Mrs. Elmer Beene, Jr., and Mrs Jan Harrison.

Mrs. Boyd was stationed at the door to greet the guests and present the bride-to-be. Other members of the receiving line were Mrs. D.R. Blaylock, mother of the honoree and Mrs. F.P. Saltsman, the future bride-groom's mother.

The entire length of the very tastefully furnished home was enhanced with beautiful arrangements of spring flowers and fruits. In the entrance foyer, a handsome credenza held a tall crystal and amber compote overflowing with chartreuse Fuji mums in hogarth [??] design accented with Lycapodium foliage and reflected in a wall mirror.

Christie Haskins, niece of the bridegroom-to-be was in charge of the bride's book to register the two hundred and fifty invited guests. [250?!?! that's half the town!] The book was flanked by an antique crystal vase that held a single blue carnation tied with white satin ribbons, most suggestive of the honoree's chosen wedding colors, blue and white. 

The tea table, unusually beautiful in appointment, further emphasized the blue and white motif. The board was covered with an exquisite lace-edged cloth of while silk organza with interested lace bands and over white satin. Forming the center decor was a footed silver bowl that held an unusual arrangement of white stocks, Sparkle mums interspersed with leather-leaf fern and centered with a large wedding ring fashioned of blue satin -- covered styrofoam decorated with clusters of lilies of the valley nestled in white tulle puffs. Completing the pretty setting were silver candlesticks holding slender white bridal tapers.

Miss Martha Clark and Mrs. Jan Harrison served dainty cake squares topped with miniature blue wdding bells. Alternating at the punch bowl were Mrs. Jimmy Haskins, sister of the future bridegroom, and Miss Patsy Arrant.

Miss Jan Jackson and Miss Linda Henderson presided at the appointment table which was graced with an epergne overflowing with luscious fruits.

Spring flowers in artistic profusion enhanced the furnishings in the den where the huge glass doors opened onto a picturesque patio. 

The shower gifts were displayed on tables covered with white linen accented with blue satin bows and centered with arrangements of white and blue spring flowers.

Miss Karen Blaylock Names Honoree At Pretty Luncheon Given In Eubanks Home

A very lovely luncheon was given Saturday by Mrs. George Eubanks and Mrs. Tom Eubanks when they entertained in the home of the former at 100 East Evergreen Street, honoring Miss Karen Blaylock, whose marriage on May 31st to Frederick P. Saltsan will be an event of interest.

The entire length of the home was abloom with spring blowers with the bride-elect's chosen colors, delphineum blue and white prevailing. 

The quartet tables were spread with crisp white linen squares and each was centered with a dainty antique vase overflowing with blue delphinium and white gypsophelia to emphasize the blue and white motif.

The deletable lunchon courses were served from a beautifully apointed table covered with an imported cloth of hand-embroidered linen. Forming the centerpiece was a gorgeous arrangement of white peonies. Mrs. Johnny Brown served the meat course.

Following the luncheon, the hotesses presented the honoree with a lovely gift, and attractive spice cabinet complete with the various spices. 

The guests personnal included the bride-elect, her mother Mrs. D.R. Blaylock, Mrs. F.P. Saltsman, mother of the bridegroom-to-be, his sister, Mrs. Jimmy Haskins, Miss Martha Clark, Mrs. Han Harrison, Mrs. Johnny Brown of Fort Worth, Miss Han Jackson, Miss Patsy Arrant, Miss Linda Henderson, and Miss Ilene Carrington.

(I posted this picture last year, thinking it was at the church, but I must run a correction this time around, with the help of the paper's write-up and Dad's call the same day last year when I mucked it up.)

Karen Blaylock, Fred Saltsman Honored at Party

Miss Karen Kaye Blaylock and Frederick Pearson Saltsman Jr. were honored with a very lovely dinner party following the rehearsal of the wedding Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. F.P. Saltsman, parents of the bridegroom were hosts for the occsion held at Sam's Restaurant in Fairfield.

The spacious banquet room reflected unusual decorations carrying out the bride's chosen wedding colors of delphinium blue and white. A tall cherub vase that held a holgarth arrangement of white roses and blue cornflowers graced the table that held the bride's book.

The long supper table, covered with white linen, held a centerpiece of white Sparikel chysanthemums and delphinium blue pom pons intermingled with leather leaf fern. The round supper tables were laid with crisp white linen and centered with crystal hurricane lamps surrounded with wide double ruffles of blue tulle to further emphasize the chosten color motif. Of special interest was a great arrangement of stately magnolia blooms that centered the serving table. 

The bridal couple exchanged gifts and presented lovely gifts to members of their wedding party.

The guest personnal included the honored couple, Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Blaylock, parents of the bride, Mrs. and Mrs. Jim Haskins and children, Christi and Walt Haskins, The Rev. and Mrs. Joe C. Eakin, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Dorough, of Waco, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. Harrison, Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett, Bill Potts of Temple, John Eubanks, Bob Crider, Mark Wiggins, Willard Bennett, Rodney Allbright, Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Harrison and Mrs. June Cook.


And, the next day... and 45 years ago now

Happy 45th Anniversary Mom and Dad. I love you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

5/29/13 Echo Lake Lodge (Mega Photo Post)

It would seem that we've fallen into a bit of a tradition these past few years of visiting Echo Lake around the anniversary of moving to Colorado, which is also the same week as Memorial Day. 

I thought I'd try to go back and reconstruct our various visits over these past six years, which is why I haven't gotten the whole thing put together precisely on Memorial Day this time around.

In 2007, on the first weekend we got here, Mom and Dad took us up to the top of Mt. Evans (and that's the only time we've made the drive) and we stopped in at Echo Lake Lodge, but not to eat. We'd brought our picnic to eat by the lake instead. This was also where the kids scrapped up bits of the icy snow still left around to throw at one another because it was so novel and exciting.

The Samstand

In 2008 we didn't make it back up there until September, when the Masks had come for a visit and we were seeking golden aspen stands. That was our first time eating at the Lodge, which typically closes down right after Aspen changing. That was the year the lake was so still it was glass. It's never been like that again in the many trips I've had up there.

This fellow was just beyond the Lodge where the vista opens up

In Fall 2009 Sam and I ended up back there on a day of scouting for Aspens, although I didn't shoot much around the Lake/Lodge area that day.

 June 2010
Courtney and I attempted the Chicago Lakes hike, but turned around at the reservoir. That trail leaves from the back side of Echo Lake.

and afterward... pie.

the hummingbird feeders are right outside the windows overlooking the lake

September 2011, I was able to complete the Chicago Lakes hike with Stephanie and Deana, and blew out my knee in the process. 

It was the first time I was at the Lodge around sunset.

and, of course... pie.

June with Sammi

Late August 2011, Hike with Evan (so no Lodge for lunch)

September 2011, with Courtney, who was expecting. This was her last visit to Colorado (so far). It was cold that day and the clouds hung heavy over most of the mountains. Perfect day for Buffalo Chili!

and... pie.

This was when I finally decided the interior decor of the gift shop needed some photos. Those black velvet clowns are always looking down on the shoppers but never get much attention. Maybe it's denial.


Memorial Day last year

recreating the original from 2007 


Sammi and I on July 4th

Which, if I didn't miss any hiding out in other folders (my ten bazillion photographs are not particularly well organized for a project like this), brings us to the first round of 2013 from this Memorial Day:

 Sam thinking about attempting another handstand and chickening out.

Nick and Lacey

Hiking over for lunch, still lots of snow to maneuver around.

so, this is one of those "every time we come here shots"


and so is this (with buffalo chili or pie, take your pick)

although Sam opted for a sundae instead

til next time...