Thursday, May 23, 2013

5/23/13 Nick Post-Op

Behold, Garbage Bag Man.
This was the system we came up with so Nick could shower everyday this past week before his post-op follow up on Wednesday to remove the bandages that could not get wet. Saran wrap around the gauze, duct tape top and bottom; cut a hole in the center of the trash sack, put his foot through, duct tape it, duct tape around the top at his knee, then fold the leftover sack down again and tape a second time. We are now out of trash bags and saran wrap, but we kept those legs dry!

Yesterday, after the post-op appointment, we are bandage free (and chicken-legged thanks to all that compression).

The sutures will dissolve, the steri-strips will peel off in the next couple of weeks, the hair will grow back in a few more, and I think he'll still have that permanent marker upside down "YES" lurking underneath. 

He got cleared for upper body workouts and walking (running can start in two more weeks.)

We were home from the doctor's at 3:30 and Nick was at the gym at 4:00, if that tells you anything about his recovery.


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