Friday, May 17, 2013

5/16/13 Sam's Last Junior Choir Concert

Now, "Dubs" as he's affectionately known by all the choir people, Mr. Wolterstorff being quite the the mouthful, is not known for his embrace of popular music for most of his choir concerts. There are typically many different languages and time periods represented and he's after the art of the difficult harmonies in his choices. He also tends toward the gospel spirituals, which, I admit, I always find a little painful. In Navasota, those choirs would rock the socks off of them. In the whitest bread of Colorado? Not so much. 

The end of the year concert is slightly different, in that every choir performs on the same night (typically he divides the concerts into two to shorten the time) and of the three songs each choir performs, one is a popular music choice. Sam was beyond livid that the Concert Choir got to sing a very long, very exhaustive medley of Disney songs, and Women's Choir (hers) ended up with Taylor Swift. Luckily the iphone video doesn't zoom in so you can't see her utter disdain.

The Men's Choir did a really nice rendition of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" and the boy faced soloist knocked it out of the park. The Honor's Choir (that's the upper choir of mixed men and women) did Queen's "Somebody to Love" and I guess I'm mainly grateful they didn't do Bohemian Rhapsody. Some songs just don't translate to choirs, folks. Add to that the high school gym acoustics and rock hard bleachers without backs, and by this point, I was in cranky city. Of course, they also did Five for Fighting's "100 Years", so I couldn't be too irritated.

Hard to believe next year she will be one of the ones receiving her 4-year choir medal and senior rose and singing the Blessing as she graduates from high school.


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