Sunday, May 5, 2013

5/5/13 Denver Zoo Amur Tigers

Since I just about fried my processor trying to upload these giant photos last weeks all at once, and because once there are that many photos, I get exhausted at the idea of captioning them all, let's do this in chunks.

First stop today (because the lions were being slow to show up) was the Amur Tigers.

The Amur (previously called Siberian) is one of eight known tiger subspecieis, although three of those are now extinct. The remaining five are endangered.

There are about 400 known surviving wild Amurs in the world today.

The tiger is the largest cat in the world and can single handed, er, pawed-ly bring down a small elephant or grizzly bears. Lions can only do that in groups, so be impressed.

Three years ago, four tiger cubs were born at the Denver Zoo, and I could not find any updated information on whether the current tigers on display are them. They have not been named, at least that I could find. These two guys acted very much like young brothers, wrestling and nuzzling (and spraying the walls), and they are near full size at three years old, so perhaps these are the two male cubs.

Sammi's shots (she's getting better!) below. I'm having her practice so she'll be comfortable with my old camera in Europe this summer. The only thing she says she lacks? A camera strap like mine. 


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