Sunday, June 30, 2013

6/30/13 your virtual hike: Bear Creek

 Brought to you by Evan, the ever-patient guide dog and Tori, the Pantless Wonder




The hike was, unfortunately, cut short by half as we had to turn around prematurely. Apparently I'm going to have to add "extra pair of pants" to the backpack list from now on. Luckily, the towel I'd packed kept me from having to flash the entire world on the mile back to the car. I'm all for full moons when they aren't mine. Ironically, up to the "I'll sit down by the water" moment, I'd been having to constantly pull them up as we were walking thanks to a few less inches on waist and hips.
Saturday, June 29, 2013

6/29/13 Sammi Skyping

Here's a screen shot of one of our nightly Skype sessions showing off the sketch her TA made of her in lab this week. She exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. Plus, she's not positive this is the best fit for her. Never would have believed it, but my little bird misses her nest. Three more weeks!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

6/25/2013, now with border collie goodness

I got tired of #cats popping into my newsfeed using so I decided to change the hashtag to #bordercollies. They pull these from Intragram, so there's never the same border collie showing up.

Now whenever someone posts things political (based on a group of words you can control) I get big brown eyes staring back at me. I also have a feature installed called photozoom, where rolling the mouse over the picture enlarges it without having to click on it, so those eyes are even bigger.

 I did a double take yesterday, though. Random border collie in the feed wasn't so random!