Wednesday, June 12, 2013

6/12/13 Texas Commerce Bank

As a kid during this era, my main memory of Texas Commerce was the couple of years the local branch, on what is now the service road to the Beltway, trucked in "snow" to spray all over the front lawn for kids to play in during our "winter." I guess they did a few other things, too. 

Fascinating stuff. Check out all the white guys. (Okay, there's one woman banker at 10:00  and one woman business owner, who got the business by default as a widow, at 13:00.)

The areas of Houston business from late 70s and 80s are highlighted here, as well as that theme music I'd completely forgotten about and some fantastic Texas twangs.

I did have to laugh at the major banking emergency headed off by the new-fangled ATM technology at 19:00.

By the 1997 campaign (26:45) to get people moved over to the name Chase, TCB and all that Texas twang faded away.


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