Thursday, June 20, 2013

6/20/13 Sammi does London

Sharing some of my favorite pictures from among the almost 600 she brought back (yay, Sam!), here are the ones from their few days in the U.K., primarily London, and on their way to Paris, Canterbury. 

Elly, Sam's friend and roomie, who cannot take a serious picture if she can help it, kicks off the photostrvaganza with their first Underground tickets to ride around the city on the Tube. 

 Mind the gap

Left is right and right is left. 

 Big Ben on an evening walk around the city.

 The London Eye, one of those "wasn't around when I was" attractions is a giant Ferris wheel situated on the Thames. More shots from up high to come.

 The Tower Bridge (don't call it the London!)

 Westminster. Like my trip, it was a drive-by, hence what appears to be a photo as much of a trash bin...

 Sammi was so excited she got to see Wicked while in London. 

At the show

London Natural History Museum

 Elly photo-bomb

 I like that I can see Sammi, taking a picture of a lion for me. She snapped dozens of lion sculptures all over Europe because it made her think of me. 

 Elly and Sam are both Sherlock fans, so they were thrilled to find the door and restaurant featured in the show.

Up in the London Eye

And, finally, to Canterbury:

Charles Dickens described this building, long home to the Old King's School built in 1647 in David Copperfield thusly, ".. a very old house bulging out over the road ... leaning forward trying to see who was passing on the narrow pavement below." 

Sam and Elly spotted a sacrilegious Tardis in this one. 


 As a terrible housekeeper myself, I can ironically point out that the chandelier might need a dusting.

 I asked Sam, "was this a picture of the irises?" 
Answer, "No, I thought it looked like a Harry Potter house."

on the ferry across from Dover to Calais... next up, Paris.


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