Saturday, June 22, 2013

6/22/13 Zoo Trip

 new baby zebra! She was born last week.


The plan was to go tomorrow, but Lacey's work schedule didn't fit, so after getting Sam to the airport, we hit up the zoo at 1:00. Too many animals doing the smart thing and napping!

This turtle didn't look real, until he blinked. He was just holding this pose. I decided it was his version of the Heisman pose.

Sube, born May 31, with mama Yisun. Mongolian wild horses

Teriyaki lunch at the newer spot near the Elephant Passage was good.

 Ostrich photo bomb

Clouded Leopard in the only shade she could find.

I has a stick.

 The Penguin Gang

Everybody in the pool!

Yep, welcome to the zoo.

Okay, so a polar bear can weigh 1500 pounds and jump this far, but this is post-surgery.

This is my ice. Don't touch it.


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