Monday, June 24, 2013

6/24/13 First days at Ringling

The dorm floor are themed. Sammi got the superheroes, and landed in the Incredibles suite. Nice.

She's rooming with Emily, daughter of my highschool friend, Marc, and his wife Sue.

Sam and Em unpacking. Sam has to make a running jump to get up into the bed.

Morning class, assignment: create an animal silhouette using only the line tool. Sammi's drawing was ranked 3rd in the class among her peers.

She sent me this today. My first reaction was, "Well, you can see where all the money goes."

Afternoon digital animation class: still life apples.
When the instructor said, "This was pretty easy. We'll get into motion next time." the whole class sort of collapsed into exhaustion. Nothing like an overwhelming first day.

And, a typical round of texts from the day

By the way, she didn't realize it until she's already sprayed it on her wet hair getting out of the shower... which was an hour later than she'd expected since all four girls had decided a morning shower was a good idea without consulting one another.

The morning's status:

Welcome to the college experience!


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