Friday, February 27, 2015

The Passing of an Icon

Leonard Nimoy died to today at the age of 83.

83 is a good run. 

Like all of us, it wasn't nearly long enough, because it's never long enough.

Be blessed, Mr. Nimoy, among the stars.

"People don't realize that they're blessing each other when they do that."

The whole wonderful interview, in full is here:

His final tweet was a beautiful way to leave social media.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mystery Reel

Tackled a reel that had only been marked as "fishing" and discovered that it was likely the last reel shot before I was born. 

There is, indeed, Dad fishing . . .

But then there's a sideways shot of what appears to be the courtyard at the Grahamcrest Apartments

Followed by interior shots of my parent's living room with the Saltsmans come for a visit from Mexia. Mom is quite preggo with me. If you scroll fast enough, you can kind of watch the camera pan.

And the last section of film is Memorial Baptist Hospital (Southeast at 7655 Bellfort), which is where I was born.  Maybe Dad had some down time and decided to finish up the reel before switching to a new one for my homecoming.

This is what 7655 Bellfort looks like now:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kiddie Wonderland (Kiddieland) near S. Main in Houston 1973

I like this look. Pensive, fashionable, great color and texture. And probably a bit on the warm side, judging by everyone else's lack of coat. (It disappears after the pony ride.)


 believe it or not, I couldn't pin down a single frame where one of our faces weren't obscured by the pole or the shadow. And that's a lot of frames -- round and round and round. You never appreciate how many frames until you're looking at them one at a time, feeding them by hand. 

The train, though, may have been around Hermann Park.