Sunday, February 1, 2015

4 Days to Go!

Practicing on going up the stairs with the brace and the Mobilegs!
(Katy is very interested at the top. One more obstacle to work around.)

This is really nerve wracking, since it's pretty difficult to get to the top even without being in pain from hip dislocation, bone shaving, stitched cartilage, perforated muscle layers and skin stitched back together underneath that brace. Add to that, practicing with the knowledge one wrong step, one fall, and all of this will be for naught. 

Let's just say, once I get up the stairs when I get home from the hospital, I'm not coming down until I have to go back to see the surgeon a week later. 

The beautiful Bledsoe-Philippon Brace up closer.

I think I'm about as prepped as I can be at this point. 

I saw my regular doc on Friday to update her on everything and she wrote me another prescription to refill the Vicodin that I will likely need when the Oxy runs out. Doing it beforehand, since it's now required that you must go in to your doctor's office to get any refill on Vicodin, no more call ins for any reason, and I'd really rather not have yet another round with the stairs because I'm in pain and out of help.

I've crutched around and moved furniture to make it as clear as possible from bed to bathroom. 

Also awaiting installation, other lovely old lady accouterments such as the raised toilet seat, shower bench, as well as my grabber arm, along with brace and crutches, and hospital table.


Also started the anti-MRSA requirements: special antiseptic full body wipes after a daily shower with a clean towel every day, as well as a twice-a-day gel that goes in my nostrils. I do this until I go on on Thursday and hopefully do not come out with a deadly infection on top of hip surgery. 

I had the full work-up at the hospital for pre-admit where they gave me the 'script for the nose gel and the wipes, EKG, blood work, etc, etc. The pre-admit nurse slipped that I appeared to be very late in the day (7:30 at night!) and still would not be able to eat anything after midnight Wednesday. 

Then I headed over to see my surgeon, get the brace fitting, get the 'scripts for all the pain meds and antibiotics and anti-nauseas that I'll be popping come Friday. He does the scopes late in the day to keep patients overnight and send them home the following morning. 

I should get the call tomorrow or Tuesday with a firm time, but I'm now hoping for as many cancellations as possible. And that I don't get the cold making the rounds between Bob and Jason so far because that would cause the surgery date to be moved back as well. 

NO one come near me!!


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