Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nesting Phase, almost complete

Over the past month I've been through every room, closet, cabinet, drawer, box, and bag in this house. I've thrown out and donated and rearranged and cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. I posted most of the photos, but neglected to show off my little table that I picked up on the Highlands Ranch garage sale group and repainted.

 The best part is, I totally lucked into the nebula pattern that turned out.

I got the first paint can opened and there was this little yellow cap on the red nozzle, you know, like you pop off to use? Uh, nope. It was spraying a really weird pattern, so I opened up the second can and didn't take the little yellow cap off and, whoops, it sprays WITH the cap on. But there wasn't enough paint in the one can to cover it completely, so, thinking I was going to have to get another can anyway, I painted the rest of it with the messed up can just because I was irritated I wasn't going to get my little project finished without another trip to the store. 

Surprise, the dried table turned out really cool!

The last corner is still "in progress" since I'd read an IKEA hack that you could get a piece of board cut to the match the bottom and drill in furniture legs to lift pieces off the floor and get that Danish leg look. I'm not certain I want to do that, so I'm testing the look with the old bench that sat in Mammammy's room my whole childhood. It's exactly the same width, but not length, but the legs are the right height, so here it will sit until I decide whether to commit.


Other than a few extra pillows and the canvas that finally arrived, the rest of the loft makeover are photos I've already shared. 

Downstairs is mostly done, although all of Sam's furniture is currently in the front room awaiting a swap tomorrow with Mom and Dad. She seems to have caught the nesting bug, despite not having surgery haunt her dreams. 

While she's doing her bedroom stuff tomorrow, the plumber will be here to take care of the current bane of my existence, the carpet of doom. 

Blech. I've put down vinegar and lemons to help with the stale odor, so there's that cute little touch. I really want to swap out the old bronzed drawer pulls and knobs with silver, but that will have to wait until post-surgery. Hopefully major floor work will come first!


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