Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Mad Men Set Appreciation, Seasons 1 & 2

The first time I binged on Mad Men, I was too interested in the narrative to do more than smile at the decor as it whizzed past.

This time, I pretty much do nothing but pause and enjoy the set decorations. So obsessively, in fact, I started snapping photos of the screen because I wanted to take more time to pour over them. 

Some of the online photos of Mad Men sets are gorgeous high definition things of staged sets without people in them. Mine don't do the sets justice, but I can't seem to find them online at these angles in these scenes, so  . .  . here they are.

The Season 1& 2 Offices of Sterling Cooper
everyone has Eames chairs at their desks & those lovely boxy Florence chairs for visitors

A loving tribute to Don Draper's office


This next sequence of three photos (dammit Blogger for not letting me get all three side by side) is a pan shot seeminly designed just for people like me who are looking at the furniture.


standing lamp, back center

Peggy, still a secretary, bringing Don ice in that gilded glass bucket

and Don's bar, naturally:

The Conference Room Decor


(love the light fixtures)

The Waiting Room in wonderful oranges and blues


And, of course: 

  Bert Cooper's Asian inspired decor


And Roger Sterling's office 

The only thing I like about Pete Campbell or his office is his floor lamp.

I loved every scene Rachel Menken was in. 



especially the department store!

and, of course, the Campbell's Manhattan apartment doesn't get nearly enough appreciation. Don's Manhattan pad hasn't been introduced yet, so this unhappy couple wins the prize for best place in the first two seasons

those dividers... those giraffes . . .




that light fixture!

I do have a love affair with the lights on this show.


I hate Betty's country knotty-pine kitchen, but I did spot her drapes:

And their living room is awesome!

Other wonderful sets I couldn't pass up:

see what I did there? ;)

I've looked online and cannot seem to find out where this was shot. Surely it's an existing exterior?

Anna Draper's west coast place

And, the best from either of the first two seasons, is location of the Palm Springs Jet Set episode, which wasn't in Palm Springs, but shot at the Sinatra house near LA. (Granted, I have a ridiculous crush on Joy in this episode.) 



those wrap around windows




Ah, Joy, we barely knew ye.


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