Friday, January 9, 2015

1/9/15 Nick's 22nd & a Birthday Retrospective

Nick should just about be to his grandparents in Texas as I write this. He decided to drive on his birthday to break up the length and get Ali back for her sister's baby shower on Sunday afternoon with plenty of time. 

So yesterday, on his 22nd birthday eve, we had festivities.

He asked for a red velvet cake with homemade cream cheese icing. Of course, in Tori style, I managed to flip one of the layers off the plate and leave a big chunk of the center stuck to the pan. I also realized, once again, I didn't have the correct numbered candles, unless he wanted to have 2-1-1 on the cake. 

thanks to Jason for taking a photo at the birthday dinner at NoNos Cafe

Back at the house, cake (with new candles) and Nick insisted we sing to Evan as well, since his 4th birthday with us was last week

Evan wasn't to certain about all that singing

Sam decided this was the right gift bag to wrap Nick's present.

still my big kid, with his birthday haul

I went back to see when we started this Mom and Nick birthday boy picture, since, you know, that first year anyway.

A retrospective of Nicholas birthday photos:

the year I snapped one of him before we left for the party (in superhero pose), one of the homemade pinata and pin the bat on Batman game . . . and not a single other one.


even worse, I cannot find any photos of Nick's birthday in 2006. This was the week prior.

(Evan's first with us in 2010)

it appears 18 was the year I started doing the Mom photo with him on his birthday again:



Nick shares his birthday with only one famous footballer, Bart Starr, but with a bunch of musicians, including Dave Matthews, Jimmy Page, Joan Baez, & Crystal Gale. (If you've ever heard him singing at full lung capacity in the car, you might think he missed his calling.)


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