Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Weekend's Work

I'm into the serious nesting phase at this point, with only a few weekends left before my mobility is out the window. This weekend was the loft, doing some updated modern touches on the cheap. The green analog clock may turn into a starburst if I don't stop reading DIYs online. The tv stand was half off at Goodwill on Saturday. The green shelves were on clearance at IKEA. And the throws, lamps, and pillow covers were marked down to uber-cheap as well. 

still have a spot waiting on the 1961 BH&G book (dang book rate shipping comes by mule)

Some of the contents on the shelves are older than I am, but all of them hold a special place.

the orange box has Atlantic Monthlies dating back to 1924


Mid-century modern cat, not included

The corner near the loft at the top of the stairs also got a new case, although I haven't stopped swapping out and playing with the space yet. At the moment...

and my DIY coaster projects drying on the desk
Cleaning out the back room this weekend, I found a stack of bath tiles under a bookshelf that've been here since the house was built. A bit of clip art and mod podge later and poof! Coasters.


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