Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tom and Jerry's Party, A Little Golden Book

I finally took my life in my hands and dove into the what we ominously call the "Back Room", which is the area in the basement that is unfinished, stretching under the basement stairs and around in an L shape running under the kitchen where it houses the hot water heater, some bizarre but probably very expensive copper pipe filtration system we don't know how to use, and the heater system.

In between all these large industrial appliances is stuff. An embarrassing amount of stuff that seems to multiply as soon as you turn off the light and close the door. Because it's out of sight, it functions as an attic, only easier to just toss stuff we don't know what to do with onto the piles than having to climb a ladder. I have pulled everything out of there and organized twice since we've lived here (going on 8 years) and it's about time to do it again, especially since the last time things have taken a turn for the worse, with Bob appropriating one of the bookshelves for his man-cave which created even more free form piles of books than usual. If a pipe bursts at some point, everything will be ruined.

I digress. 

I made it out alive after venturing into the Back Room last night with my prize. 

Here is Tom and Jerry's Party, a Little Golden book that sold for .39¢ and, I surmise, partly why I'm so drawn to mid-century modern lines and interior decor. Now that I've been able to review it, that theory certainly holds up. It was published in 1955. with my book the 4th printing in 1973. I always love that reprintings of LGBs keep the content the same, so that books with illustrations showing things selling for a penny are still selling for a penny fifty years later, despite the price of the book going up every printing.

Just look at that green MCM kitchen with orange drapery.

But the best part of the kitchen is the blue speckled linoleum floor. I remember wishing our kitchen had that floor. Add to that cats and cupcakes, and you've got yourself a real winner.

metal modern table and chairs, check

green washing machine!

Do Jerry and Tuffy keep all the cupcakes? Far be it from me to spoil the ending for you. 


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