Saturday, January 3, 2015

1/3/15 A Day in Manitou

I managed to forget the camera at lunch when we met Mom and Dad at Mollica's which we'd tried to eat at several times before and always found them closed. It's an Italian market that serves lasagna, pizza, calzones, and deli and we all waddled out. Dad brought the 8mm home movies so when my new toy arrives, I can play with pulling off frames for new photo discoveries.

Nick had given Ali a coupon in her stocking to find a dreamcatcher on a trip to Manitou, so we were cashing that in today.

First, a stop at the Arcade, which was closed (temps too low), but the Batmobiles are always open.


We stopped in a D'Vine Wines to try a flight. Or, Ali and I did. Nick and Bob just hung out.

We made the round of the shops and stopped to snap a few photos.


They humored me by letting me stop in at the cemetery 
and Ali found some untouched snow to play in.

And, at the Eagle Dancer, we found the dreamcatcher. 
She's in love with Evan, so when I pointed out this one had an "Evan" feather, 
she decided she had to have that one. It's also got turquoise and red, which matches her bedroom. AND it's direct from the Navaho nation, not China!


and I discovered my puffy vest was perfect -- stayed really warm without bulk!

Our drive home coincided with the snow moving in, and without snowplows on a good portion of the way, by the time we got home, I was ready to crawl in for the night and not move from the computer. Mission accomplished.

Tomorrow: Snow Tubing!


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