Sunday, September 17, 2017

9/16/17 Aspen Watch

Photos from the drive to Crestone with Deana and back on Saturday with a stop for lunch in Salida. 

Aspens are getting going, but the cloud cover yesterday was making the photos trickier to take, especially from a moving car out the window!



Saturday, September 9, 2017

9/9/17 Board & Brush with Marci

Marci and I managed to get together for lunch a couple of weeks ago with Ren and Brittany and McKenzie for an hour and we pulled out our calendars to see if there was actually going to be any day we could get together before they are back to Austin. To be fair, it was her calendar that needed consulting. Between trips to Rome with McKenzie for her senior trip, flying all over for work, then Hurricane Harvey flooding her parents' home, which took her to Houston and back again this week, this was our one day we managed.

I picked her up from the Denver University campus where she has settled McKenzie in for her freshman year and we hit up Antique Row looking for some things she had on her list. 

These bears weren't on her list. But they were a steal for the pair: only $3500.00!

I'd also never seen a corner piece quite like this one. The photo doesn't really convey how big this thing was.

After antiquing, we hit up Board and Brush


I was a little frustrated by mine, as I'd pulled up the gallery on the website and said, "I want this exact blue"

That's NOT what I got. It's a bit too dark to be seen clearly from further away like it should

We stopped in at Hopdoddy hoping they had the Impossible Burger on the menu, but it's still only in available at their Austin locations. 

And since Hopdoddy is next door to Union Station, I told Marci I had to show her the coolest part of the Ghost Tour I'd taken a couple of months ago. 

In the corner of the busy terminal, looking down through a grate into the subterranean basement shaft below is this green chair that's said to be haunted. When workers found it in the 50s one of them attempted to throw it out. It's said, upon crossing the threshold with the chair, all the power surged in the building and blew out every bulb in the place. The workers, a superstitious lot, attributed it to the removal of the chair and promptly put it right back where it belonged. And it's still there, unmoved. 

I did the same thing our guide did and turned on my flashlight on my phone and laid it on the grate to show Marci. 

But someone has since left a bloodied baby doll on the green chair. It was empty when I saw it.  Fun stuff.

The finished project, for now, until I figure out how to lighten the blue wording...

Week in Review 9/4 - 9/9

I realized I'd spent Labor Day weekend working on sprucing up the bathroom and never took any photos.

New light fixture, painted cabinets, new "wall" and floor:

(that tiny little piece of corner molding needs some wood glue and I had to take it up because Aidan kept finding it and trying to carry it off.)

Guest bath progress: new floor, mirror frame, new light fixture:

I realized as I uploaded this that I haven't snapped an updated on after I fixed the tile frame around the mirror and shaved it up to line up correctly. And I'm too lazy to go do it now. 

Our full moon last week:

And more signs of coming fall. This little guy was in the backyard resting on the quartz 

we even cracked into the 40°s on our morning walk!

new Lularoe additions to the wardrobe

And a lot of this