Monday, February 2, 2015

3 Days to Go, and the house may be dismantled . . .

So, the plumber came on Friday and started destroying the house to find the leak. He started near the stained carpet, cutting holes into the drywall. All dry.

Then we went into the garage and cut a hole in the ceiling underneath where some staining was spotted. All dry.

We had to move the new setup at the top of the stairs, so all of that went into a pile, the shelves moved, and he cut holes into the wall behind the bathroom. All dry.

Finally, he cuts into the cabinet in the bathroom nearest the wet carpet. Nope, not there! But he could reach under the other side and realized the other side was wet.


2nd cabinet bottom destroyed

Underneath which was . . . 

this lovely leaking pipe.

Bob gets on the phone with Home Shield and gets the run around ending with, they're only covering the leaking pipe. They might cover the drywall. Definitely not anything else including cabinets and carpet. 

Guess who'll be dropping them?

So then we call Farmers right after getting off the phone with Home Shield to see if our home owner's policy will cover anything. They set up the claim and Todd calls within 5 minutes to set up a visit to see what's going on for today.

He just left, having taken a lot of the same pictures you see above. Farmers will cover the drywall and repainting. We're set up with the restoration company to come out tomorrow morning to get estimates on whether the carpet can be salvaged as well as have a better look underneath at the padding and wood that's been wet.  If it can be cleaned, they'll cut out all the wet padding and replace and then clean it. If it can't they'll cover the carpet replacement cost in the bedroom and possibly around the top of the stairs near the other holes. If they approve that damage, that covers all of the carpet in the loft and up to the bedroom and bathroom doors on the other side. We'll see. 

I'm trying to imagine dry wall, painting, and carpet installation going on while I'm unable to go down the stairs or move anything. My imagination isn't working too well right now.


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