Saturday, February 14, 2015

14 Photos (and a video!) for the 14th

Not your typical Valentines post, but it's not quite a typical Valentine Day around here.

Yesterday was Round 1 of PT; Sam drove and snapped this photo of the minions in the lobby. Last night, with the Game Ready picked up, I was making friends with the regular old ice packs since the leg had gotten moved way more than it was used to.

The stitches are healing up, which means they actually look worse with the pretty purple bruising going on. Sam won't even look at them, but I find them kind of fascinating.

Not the greatest Valentines, laid up a week out of surgery.

This morning, though, I was spoiled rotten from bed with Valentines gifts. 

Dancing Valentines Snoopy!

At the end of Day 1, there first three Whitmans are history: so long caramel, maple fudge, and one of the set of chocolate covered peanuts. My favorites are the cashew cluster and the almond cluster, so I keep them for last. And most of the creams will go to Bob and Sam. 



Bru sniffs at the open window as Bob grills steaks!
(I ate dinner to fast to remember to take a photo.)

And another pretty sunset from the window, to close out the "rest and ice" day. 


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