Saturday, April 2, 2016

PowerPuff Girls!

A little blast from the past this Saturday morning. 

Cartoon Network is relaunching the PowerPuff Girls cartoon this month and in celebration, you can PowerPuff Yourself!

this was a staple in our house circa 1999.

Sam was 4 and this was RIGHT up her alley. 

To my dismay, her favorite was Bubbles, despite all my efforts to sway her to the dark side and adopt Buttercup as her icon, but no dice. Bubbles is the "sugar", Buttercup is the "spice". C'mon. 
Please note, only Buttercup gets to shed blood at :54.

Her fifth birthday party was, by her selection, PowerPuff Girls themed.

You can also spot the homemade Pin the Turban on MoJo JoJo game we had in the background!

ah, memories.


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