Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Road Trip

heading out of Dumas today, got the sun coming up on the old Art Deco high school building

after meeting Melissa at the diner for breakfast, I'd packed up with Evan and hit the road.

Here's what you missed:

75 miles later, crossing into New Mexico, for 128 more miles

stop in at Sierra Grande reststop


Evan, smile for the camera!

there's the 128th mile of NM. Start the counter over at 1. 
We're going to mile 199 in Colorado.

Trinidad in the rearview

someone's been messing with the Hostess truck!

Stopped in to Mom and Dad's so Evan could meet Regal.
He didn't bolt but he wasn't too sure about this really huge, weird smelling cat that invaded his space.

only traffic all day, the last hour, between Colorado Springs and Denver... in the rain

Castle Rock

back to a beautiful 66° at 4 in the afternoon!


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