Thursday, December 15, 2016


I so love those mornings when the sky doesn't pull any punches about how it's about to show off for me. 

My favorite season is winter. My favorite time of day is sunrise. And my most very favoritist thing is those cold winter morning sunrises that make the clouds their color playground for a few minutes. It's like a secret present to discover.

in near darkness, the eastern sky at the start of our walk

But the barely waning moon lights our path so well, it's like having the sky's porch light on.

These next few follow my circular path around the dog park, while Evan plays with Reagan and Sadie, two Australian shepherds whose human also enjoys pre-dawn walks. Each pass around the circle gets almost imperceptibly brighter as I go. 

you can just make out the dogs at the bottom!

I wonder, will the lens as good as a human eye be in our cell phones before I die? 
I'd like that.


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