Saturday, December 17, 2016

12/8/2016 Around the Poly

So we spent our last evening just enjoying the resort and packing up for an early morning drop off with the luggage so we could take advantage of the Extra Magic hour at the Magic Kingdom at 8:00 the next morning. 

The night before, I'd been considering leaving the park and running back to the room because my full battery went from two bars down to a blinking ONE right as dark was falling. But after turning it off for a bit, it seemed to rally, so I didn't waste the time. 

But back in the room, I went to find my spare battery on the charger I knew I'd packed to swap it out, and it was nowhere to be found. This was not like me. I'd also sworn I packed the GOPRO harness to wear on my hat and it had never appeared. 

So Thursday, when we hit Animal Kingdom, I tried to see if the camera shop had a universal battery charger and had no luck. 

Which meant if I wanted any hope of getting photos at the MK on Friday morning, I had to let my poor battery rest. I didn't take it around the resort. 

Here's what my phone managed, pitifully. 

But since I haven't included a bunch of other resort photos going back and forth, here's what I got with my real camera the days prior:

The Loooooong hall down to our room

every time you'd get to the door, the outer doors opened


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