Friday, December 16, 2016

12/8/16 Animal Kingdom

Thursday morning we hit Animal Kingdom to round out all four parks. 

We came across DeVine for the first time ever. She was hanging around the front walkways

We encountered Tarzan on our way in and had a fun moment. You see, with the Photopass photgraphers doing so many of these character meet and greets, it's easier to just put my stuff down and hop into a photo. So that's what I did. Only to look up and realize . . .  Tarzan didn't rate a Photopass photographer. It was just his handler. We were posing for no one. So I had to grab my camera and give it to the handler. Tarzan's response, "You like 3 day old banana. SPOILED."

We then headed over to our main ride experience of the day: Expedition Everest

We had to laugh that the area where the FastPass machines (now done totally online) has been turned into a bar. Liquid courage for the ride?

Our best find of the day, though, was the Nomad Lounge. It is tucked away from everything, for now. But it's at the end of a dead end that stops at walls that will become Pandora, Avatar Land, that's currently under construction. 

But for now, it's a hidden secret that overlooks the water on the veranda outside and is a beautiful lounge-in-the-round inside with comfy couches.

I had the Temping Tigress, which was a cool winter drink with allspice.

Bob's was a more of a summery lemonade

All the pages in the menu are so pretty!

Their small plates are soooo good. I had the sustainable fish tacos. Bob got the Wagyu beef sliders and the pork ribs.

MY second plate was the Taste of Tiffins with like twice as much stuff as is described on the menu. They had this infusion flask that was poured around the outside on the herbs, which I'm sure was amazing, if I could smell anything. And each little dab was a different taste with the chocolate ganache and it And so tiny. I did not share with the heathen who'd have eaten the whole thing in one bite.

The view from the veranda:

After lunch we took the safari. 

See the sleepy lion kicked out comatose on the rock? That needs to be me. So that concluded our day at AK with a quick photo op with Mickey and Minnie in their holiday finest and headed for the resort. On our way through a store to their meet and greet, we found Castmember Bob who posed with Guest of Honor (per our nametags) Bob even though he seemed a bit taken aback at being asked. Guess that doesn't happen to him much.


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