Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1-11-12 serenity now

what snow sounds like to delighted me

Good thing Clay flew in yesterday. It was doing this at dawn and hasn't quit yet. The boys will have two days here to let it clear before setting out for Texas.

We got a call this morning informing us Nick still does not have a dorm room as the third time we faxed over the same documentation, called to try and verify receipt, had to leave a voice mail because NO ONE EVER ANSWERS THE PHONE, which resulted in another three day wait to hear that, nope, they haven't gotten it. The best one was when we sent a fax with cover sheet listing the two pieces of documentation they wanted, only to get a three-day-later call back that they only got ONE of the two. Incredible.

The one they did receive we'd already sent in November, were told it was fine, only to learn the admissions and housing departments can't talk to one another and share forms, despite being told otherwise.

The one they didn't get that we madly scrambled to send a fourth time this morning has been officially received. But it's a background check requiring several days for the state in question to respond.

Thanks so much to the woman in the housing department that told me on the phone a month ago that everything was in order. I'm sending my son 1000 miles away on Friday so he can have no place to live thanks to you.


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