Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1-31-12 finger art

Is it really only Tuesday? Yikes.
Finished out the end of month without too much fuss or muss, and I don't think I will ever type with all 10 fingers again. I realized today that I'd adapted to avoiding using the right handed pinky finger without even thinking about it on the keyboard already. It's amazing how quickly the mind can work out the kinks.

This is also true of being able to type with a cat laying on my hands, which happens most evenings. And she isn't content to be further back on my arm. Her entire raison d'être is to get as much of her head across as many fingers as she can while I type. She seems to enjoy the jiggling it produces. Weirdo.

I did discover a new wrinkle in my franken pinky saga. It's really difficult to take a picture of my right hand with my good camera.

The phone snaps are easy enough, but getting my left hand to hold and shoot a picture of the right one with the Canon? You should be impressed.

Here's the healing progress as of this evening:

I'm fighting the urge to trim up the stitch ends now that it's not covered up all the time and that loose one there, far left, is bugging me... aesthetically. (Yes, even mangled and stitched-together fingers can have aesthetics.) Then again, I've also had the urge to draw two googly eyes over it so it looks like a smile. Maybe it's just me...


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