Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5-12 Good Life Week 1


Forgive the one-off here by linking instead of commenting on your blog post directly. I love my spaces too much to try and pack a response into a single-spaced comment box.

I was thinking about your comment: "There seems to be something authoritative about this miracle worker that sets him apart from other rabbis" and the obvious connection to this:  "2) Why are Simon, Andrew, James, and John so immediate in their response to Jesus?"

Now, I've run into a few charismatic people in my day. You know the ones. You know them the minute you make eye contact with them. There's something going on behind their eyes that is magnetic, that draws you in immediately. They can make people incredibly uncomfortable, too.

It reminds me of this, go to :24, where she sees for the first time, and we see it reflected in her eyes:


Ok, now back to Jesus standing there watching these guys do their thing with their fishermen's nets.

Can you imagine making eye contact with Jesus? Just his mortal form has about half a dozen different cures for leprosy up his sleeve, not to mention instant healing from every other incurable disease -- physical, emotional, mental -- to hit mankind. Don't you imagine the energy was enough to cause all kinds of crazy things to happen? Probably would've shorted out every electric device we've got these days if he let it loose for a nanosecond. This is the power of creation out of nothingness in human form. Don't you think universes danced behind his eyes, if you looked? No wonder he scared the crap out of the establishment. No wonder men who were seeking a higher calling (even if they hadn't known it until that moment) were magnetically drawn to him in that instant.

This is what I've been longing for my entire life.

That has to be what they thought. It's the only thing that would make a man walk away from his life without pause.

It's what the world is still looking for.

If only they could find that Jesus.


  1. I agree Tori! I think this is what the "good life" is all about. We see something in the life of Christ that compels us to follow him. So what does this look like everyday for us? Since we are the body of Christ, we have to claim that same kind of power in drawing people to God.


  2. Stick with me...I'm sure a certain family member will reveal all truths soon. ;-)