Friday, January 6, 2012

1-6-12 the rest of the day

Lunch time and suddenly I'm hearing things. 

I look over at Katy who is also perked up and listening intently.

It sounds as though something is crawling around in the walls.

And then, the branch nearest the window swayed violently.

Two very fat squirrels had just launched themselves off the roof and into the tree.

(And what they were after were the carrots I'd left for the bunny in the front yard.)

Nick got home about the time I was watching them come out of the tree with a bag of ice for the elbow and a round of the TENS machine for some sore muscles.

It's kind of mesmerizing to watch:

And while the rest of my afternoon was back at work, three of the five furry members of the family took up their usual places: 


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