Thursday, March 9, 2017


you know what time it is, right?

actually, it's pretty easy to tell. If the sun is just a strip along the fence behind Evan, it's late afternoon. If it's in front of him, it's morning. 


In between yesterday and this morning was a very good mail day. New Hoka's and my new Sarah Scribbles book! Since I've been wearing these, no plantar fasciitis flares and no joint pain. It's been 18 months since my last new pair and a lot of miles put on them, so it was time. Walking in them this morning, it was really obvious how much I'd worn the old pair down.

Big Happy Mushy Lump is Sarah's second book, both came with fuzzy covers, and Bruiser is the perfect spokesmodel for the new title. 

well, three out of four ain't bad...

even better? Sarah is coming to the Tattered Cover Aspen Grove right near my house later this month, so I can get her to sign my books! Her comic version of herself is my spirit animal. 

This morning's walk was much less eventful than yesterday's. No stray puppy dogs. And, even better news, our stray from yesterday was reunited with his family yesterday afternoon and there was much rejoicing.

When I got back home, Google alerted me that they had made me a stylized photo from the one I took. Here's their version: 

here's mine:

and . . . back to the backyard 

Where, in the mornings you can spot how I get Evan to stand at such pretty attention. Not as clear in this shadow...

But I give it away on this one.

that's my boy


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