Friday, March 10, 2017


Fisher grows less and less like Fisher every passing month.

She routinely and several times a day insists on pet sessions in which she buries her head in my chest while I scratch her all over. This would have been completely unheard of until this past year. One of these occurs in the upstairs bathroom every evening while I sit on the floor. It's just a little weird.

She lets me pick her up, sometimes even relaxing slightly, as long as it doesn't last too long. If you so much as moved towards her as though you might pick her up, she would shoot out of the room. But not anymore.

She has started yowling, seemingly on a schedule, every morning and evening, in the downstairs bathroom, into the vent in the floor. She'll stop and look annoyed if you interrupt her. I think she's possessed.

None of this has ever been in her behavior prior to the past year, but she seems content and not in any distress that would warranty some kind of veterinarian treatment. She's just a different cat after she turned 18 years old. 


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