Monday, December 8, 2014

Ranahan Ranch at Elkhorn Stables

We fueled up at the Big Horn prior to horseback riding.
Check out the "short stack" of pancakes!!

We got the stables early so we could wander and look around.

The pigeons had nests in the rafters of the barn but flew down for a silhouette photo

Sammi can't get enough

fueling up the horses prior to the ride

lined up and waiting for assignments

the largest of the horses went to the smallest of the riders: Sam getting fitted on Paxton

Amber getting set on Dillon

and Sam . . . still working on getting stirrups shortened enough

My ride, Cowgirl, was one gorgeous black and white paint crossed with probably a draft breed was wide in the hips, just like me. She was also stubborn as the day is long. Also like me. We worked out an agreement that I'd let her munch once and move on. 

All of the photos of Sam and Amber on the line behind me were taken blind, just pointing the camera past my shoulder and clicking.

The ride was beautiful, cold, and windy. At the top, we all pulled up for photos.

Paxton and Cowgirl love to hang close.



our guides

half Sam, half scarf

back down to the ranch

time to dismount

Paxton really was the sweetest lovebug, ever. Sam did not want to leave.

Really nice folks, great horses, and with the Groupon, really a great deal. 


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