Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Delight

Nick arrived Saturday for Spring Break and he got here just in time for some amazing weather.

(Pi Day, of course. Even better, our waiter gave them to us for free!)

I have an unhealthy obsession with light fixtures

from the Village Inn parking lot

And today?

It was warmer in Houston and Melbourne, FL (where one of my dealers are located)!

please note that humidity

After work, the dogs and I spent a long time soaking up our Vitamin D on the deck. 

My view from above as I laid out:

And right behind my head, waiting for me to throw the ball

Sam and Jason and I hit up all the resale shops Saturday before Nick arrived, primarily to raid their stock of large matted framed prints during 1/2 off day, none of which we bought for the art, but because new frames and mats for the size of art she's putting in shows is ridiculously expensive. During that run, I came across a classic Winnie the Pooh box that I snapped up for 50% off. Sam saw it she tried to wrangle it from me, but since I was paying for everything, I won. Anyway, I can now transport all our nail supplies out of doors in one convenient cute carrying case. Sunshine and pedicures, not a bad way to end a Monday!


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