Friday, February 5, 2016


It's the 40th anniversary for the South Belt Leader today. I posted over on the South Belt blog about it, but gave Marie a ring to chat as well. She's struggling with some serious heart issues right now, without any blockages but her heart only functioning at 30%, she's stuck on a monitor and having to cut back, which is pretty much the worst thing you could ever ask Marie to do. But we were still cackling over things and I told her this is when our shared stubborn-gene will have to kick in and get her over the hump. 

In other news, Fisher has now adopted Nick's room as her own, since she's discovered Sam is not returning for a while, no matter how long she hangs out. 

This is what I encounter should she slip out in the morning for breakfast and find his door no longer ajar: 

We got Sam's bed frame replaced (the last one had jammed and we'd left her bed on the floor for a good while.) So now that Fisher has moved rooms, we're keeping it closed off to cut down on the amount of cat hair left on the bed before she's back for Spring Break. 

That's about it for the excitement around here. Woo!


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