Sunday, January 1, 2017

Year's End

I realized I never posted anything about Christmas, and here I am in 2017. 

It's been a weird month at the end of a long year. The blog has fallen down the list of things I remember to do. But here's what I got.

Bob went to see his folks the week before, as Nell is in rapidly declining health. This was one of her last good days, as he helped her look at the photos I've been scanning and adding of her photo albums.

Sam, Jason, and I went to Mom and Dad's for Christmas Eve as Bob got back from Texas. 

Regal and Evan reunited, sort of.

And I didn't get a single photo of our small Christmas celebration the day Nick and Ali made it back to Colorado for the coming week. But I did catch this little video as Ali surprised Nick with a trip to Chicago to see Hamilton over Spring Break. Sam and I are madly jealous. 

We all rang in the New Year playing games and watching Twilight Zone and bidding adieu to 2016 together. And again, no photos. I'm losing my touch.


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