Saturday, February 11, 2017


Evan and I stayed in this morning in the hopes of catching the full moon setting behind the mountains with the big camera, but that was scuttled by heavy clouds. 

The heavy (but not too heavy) clouds on the east side of the house, however, did not disappoint. 

and just like that, within minutes, it fades and disappears. If you weren't watching, you'd never know how bright the skies had just been, for just a moment. 

And shortly after, I discover this little gem popping up "On This Day, Feb. 11, 2010" that seemed to go along.

The trick is making memory a blessing
To learn by loss the cool subtraction of desire
Of wanting nothing more than what has been
To know the past forever lost, yet seeing
Behind the wall a garden still in blossom.

~Dana Gioia (whom I met, briefly, many moons ago)


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