Saturday, October 9, 2010

THE sweater

I admit, I have a weakness for sweaters. I've always loved them, even when I almost never needed them living in Texas. And here in Colorado, I have to reign myself in, since I can wear them many months out of the year, but I am limited on the amount of drawer space I have to keep the big buggers.

However, this past trip to Goodwill, I found MY sweater. The one I wore until it turned into shreds and the sweater de-piller had eaten it bald after 10 years of wear. I was in the men's section poking through the small sizes when, lo and behold, there IT was. The sweater my mother bought for me from Foleys in Almeda Mall in 1985 even though it was an outrageous sum of $75. The sweater only months later I see Denise Cosby wearing on an episode of the Cosby show, which somehow cemented my love for the design.

It was a women's sweater from 1985 that must have been put away almost new and discovered decades later, deemed hopelessly outdated, and donated to the Goodwill a mile from my house for me to discover in the men's racks on this day.

I've found a lot of great stuff at this Goodwill. But this one? Can't be topped for the emotional thrill.

In 1986:

In 1988, having just crossed the channel from France to England:

In college, 1990, at Winedale:

And 2010:

See? Even Evan embraces my Eighties-ness fashion!


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